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Velvet Napkins

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Velvet Napkins


Add an exciting splash of color to your next social gathering with these velvet napkins. Let these polyester napkins in bulk colors to spice up your table or catering tray by helping to pull together any birthday or holiday party. These linen like napkins for wedding reception feature a handsome embossed pattern and are perfect for wedding or annual New Year's Eve party. These bulk wedding napkins can help to put the finishing touches on your themed school dance.

Our premium velvet napkin make the perfect statement for your upcoming celebration. Polyester napkins in bulk colors are the ideal choice for your special Halloween, Mardi Gras, graduation, and birthday parties. These velvet napkin are usually bought in bulk by restaurant and hotel managers as they realize that any table arrangement can use these linen like napkins for wedding reception and it looks stylish as well as help to protect the tabletop against spillage and drops.

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