Vintage Glass Candle Holders


Vintage Glass Candle Holders To Accessorize Your Tabletops!

Vintage Glass Candle Holders

Ravishing is the word that comes to mind when anyone sees these alluring Vintage Glass Candle Holders. Designed to perfection, our chic large glass candle holders will be the highlight of your entire upscale event. Try out our crystal glass candle stand and glass candlesticks holders for that romantic/breathtaking ambiance whether it’s a candlelit dinner, engagement dinners, or even weddings.

Check out our stores for more of these sensational candelabra votive candle holders with crystals like the premium cut glass crystal candle holder that presents a beauty that no one can surpass. Our amorous crystal candelabra wholesale is perfect for both votive and taper candles. 

For example, our Egyptian gem cut glass candelabra votive candle holder or the arm crystal glass candelabra taper candle holder that magnificently holds the candles emitting a sentimental charm. With dazzling crystal beaded pendant strands hanging dreamily from the glass arms, these bling pieces will be the highlight at your upcoming special event.

Embrace a vintage feel with our 11" Tall Premium Cut Glass Crystal Pillar Candle Holder Set Floral Stand to infuse a luxurious personality and style to your tabletops. Detail-rich outline in handblown glass offers chic sophistication that will surely attract attention and recognition on a dining table or in a group of décors.

Glass Candlesticks Holders
Large Glass Candle Holders

Place our 6 Arm Gold Metal Acrylic Candelabra Candle Holders on a mirror centerpiece for a complete reflection of your wedding decor. Also available is our chandelier cake rise stand like our Egyptian gem cut chandelier cake rise stand for you to display all your delectable cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and other desserts.

Feel free to accentuate our 3 candle holder centerpiece with your favorite flowers like roses, hydrangea, tulips, or peonies either at the bottom or you can boldly put them at the top whichever you prefer, and be sure to pull off one of the most spectacular décor setups. For all your bulk needs, don’t waver to check TableclothsFactory's cheap candelabras in bulk in our collection of Vintage Glass Candle Holders.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy candle holders near me ?

Ans: Make your tables the center of the conversation with TableclothsFactory's alluring Vintage Glass Candle Holders collection. These large glass candle holders feature a premium gem cut glass construction and multi-faceted crystal pendant chains. Each glass candle stand also has a distinct design that lets you mix and match for a variety of combinations to suit your distinctive style.

2. How to decorate tall candle holders ?

Ans: If your tall candle holders are starting to look dingy, then it’s time to redecorate them. You can glam them up with the help of rhinestone stickers for a dazzling look and feel. Or let glistening strands of pearls and crystals weave their magical charm by letting them hang loose on the arms of your tall candelabras.

Another would be to let the whimsical glow of LED string lights add a pleasurable element to your tall candle holders. Simply wrap them around the base or drop them inside the hurricane glass for a heavenly glow.

3. What to do with candlestick holders ?

Ans: Glass candlestick holders can do much more than just hold candles! Repurpose them as vases, or you can fill them with flower petals, sand, beans, and vase fillers for a gorgeous centerpiece. Or take out a short string of battery-operated LED string lights and fill your candle holder with a nice, warm light.

4. What do you put in glass candle holders ?

Ans: Candle holders are great when it comes to enhancing any area in the house because they set the mood. However, you can get creative by customizing them to add some personality or so that they can match with the theme of your interior.

A boring clear glass holder will turn into a lovely piece by embellishing it with craft glitters, paper cutouts, rhinestone stickers, washi tapes, and stickers. Or you can hot glue lace, twine, rope, or some leaves around your glass candle stands. Also, you can stir your ideas and paint the insides of the glass using glass paint.

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