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Wall Decoration


Bring your outdoors inside with our life-like artificial boxwood hedge wholesale that feature lovely two toned shades of green to replicate their real life counterparts. These boxwood wedding backdrop crafted from hard-wearing plastic and latex shaped to create a 100% botanically accurate leaf structure, our boxwood panel are a fabulous choice for instant screening, building free standing hedges, covering unsightly walls or areas, decorative wall panels and many more! The boxwood wedding backdrop is set on heavy duty plastic net matting that allows maximum flexibility to create natural shaped curves, dimensions and corners.

Add a glamorous mirror look to your Bathroom, Kitchen, or Bedroom with our peel and stick mirrors for walls. Achieve reflective beauty with the simply dazzling peel and stick mirror backsplash that provide a stylish, sleek, contemporary look to any installation. Peel and stick mirror backsplash are seamlessly attached in each panel to give you an attractive alternative to more traditional material for use in kitchen or bathroom backsplash, hallway or feature walls. Peel and stick mirror backsplash work great as both a border or in a full-size sheet creating a sense of greater space through its reflective nature. With splash, scratch, and heat resistant qualities, these bold and beautiful tiles are durable, affordable, and a sensible choice to upgrade your home or office space.

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