Waterproof LED Lights


Waterproof LED Lights & Decorations

Waterproof LED Lights

You can breathe life and vivacity into your party setup with our collection of waterproof LED lights. Available in a plethora of designs these luminous LED decorations will light up every nook of your party space.

To transform our table setup into an enchanted place to serve, we are at your service with our LED table decorations. Thus, if you need something like submersible LED tea lights wholesale, we can help you with our Submersible LED Lights Waterproof Battery OperatedAssorted LED Vase Lights With IR Remote, or Color Changing Light Up LED Submersible Waterproof Ice Cubes – due to their waterproof properties, they are ideal for underwater decoration and look perfect in conjunction with our LED Light Up Eiffel Tower Centerpiece or other LED centerpieces from our online store.

Meanwhile, for your party backdrops, we recommend you use our string lights, including our 48FT Waterproof Connectable Hanging Outdoor/Indoor Patio String Lights, 25FT Waterproof Connectable Hanging Outdoor/Indoor Patio String Lights, and beyond. 

Submersible Light

We realize that proper lighting can devour your decoration budget. With LED décor from TableclothsFactory, you can easily transform your event venue into an extravaganza of dancing lights without breaking the banks. Whether you need a dozen battery-operated submersible lights or icicle lights, don’t hesitate to visit our waterproof LED lights collection right away!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to waterproof outdoor lights ?

Ans: Having outdoor party lights can add a touch of fun and festivity to your venues. However, it can pose a danger to you and your guests if your led outdoor lights are not waterproof as they cannot be safe when it suddenly rains.

There are many ways to make your outdoor light fixtures waterproof. One way you may consider is to cover your outlets with domed exterior covers. Also, putting the extensions in a twist and seal cord protector can go a long way when it suddenly rains during an outdoor party.

Using all of these practices doesn't make your lights waterproof, it's just a temporary setup. So if you are in doubt about this and don't want to go through all the trouble, we suggest you go for our waterproof led lights such as waterproof led strip and outdoor edison light bulbs that are rated for the outdoors and made for harsher weather conditions. Not only are these led decorations made specifically made to withstand the elements outdoors, but they also provide the benefit of beautiful lighting, particularly in darker areas around the exterior of your event.

2. Can you put battery operated tea lights in water ?

Ans: Yes, floating candle decors can be used anywhere including water and you will be amazed at how our waterproof rated floating tea lights can withstand direct exposure to water and look wonderful when combined with other decorations. As long as there is water, you can use these floating led candles.

To create a warm and romantic atmosphere, immerse these flameless floating candles in a vase, bowl, or container filled with water and they will automatically light up as soon as they come in contact with water, making them the perfect choice for ponds or water centerpieces. These light up decors will be a perfect accompaniment to any wedding and party centerpiece and can also make them look gorgeous when displayed alone.

3. How to make your pool glow ?

Ans: If your pool party continues into the evening, you can enchant your guests with an unexpected nighttime surprise as part of your pool décor. Add assorted colored submersible LED lights to the bottom of the pool to add some cool vibes to the party. You can also launch assorted-sized LED pool balls to keep the party spirit alive. Not to mention, it can be fun to dive in alongside these cool LED lights that create the illusion of an underwater disco. 

4. Where can I buy submersible led lights ?

Ans: In addition to submersible lights being a functional adornment by giving exceptional emphasis to party centerpieces, these unique led lights are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. So if you're looking for led submersible lights to use for your party table centerpieces then you're in the right place.

Create gorgeous lighted centerpieces with our flower vase lights set under a clear cylindrical vase filled with flowers and white water beads. On the other hand, you can use your favorite designer glasses and jars and fill them up with ice cube lights to add a magical and colorful glow to your overall table decor. Since these led lights for centerpieces can work with just about any ornament, try to get creative and experiment on other amazing decorative inspirations.

5. Where to buy flexible led light strips ?

Ans: Looking for a stylish and artistic lighting solution that can bring out the best in your events and celebrations? Well, what you need is a good set of led tape lights that will provide you with great flexibility so that you can shape them into any shape you prefer.

Here at TableclothsFactory, we bring you our best LED strip lights ranging from rgb LED strip lights to waterproof LED strip lights that are sure to give you the most stylish glow you need in your venues. These eye-catching flexible led strips can impart dazzling reflections on structures in your surroundings, and they can even illuminate uneven surfaces and brighten up the dark and neglected areas of your event space.

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