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Wedding Table Centerpieces


Wedding Centerpieces

Though we often underrate centerpieces, they serve a double purpose – to tie the entire décor together and clear up barriers between strangers who were assigned to sit together. Whenever you want to leave your guests bedazzled without breaking the bank, please look no further than our collection of acrylic wedding centerpieces.

We all know that no classic table setup is complete without candles. To beautify your tapers with a candle chandelier centerpiece, feel free to choose between our 21'' tall 3-arm premium crystal glass candle holder, 20'' tall 5-arm premium gem cut crystal glass candle holder, and other expensive-looking taper candle centerpiece options. Not interested in candles? Worry not, you can blow your guests away with our table chandelier centerpieces, such as our 72'' acrylic diamond spiral chandelier + free stand poles. Looking for a manzanita branch chandelier? You won’t go wrong if you embellish our glittered manzanita tree with acrylic chains, faux teardrops, and other sparkles.

We realize that nothing is more fragile and captivating than glass centerpieces. Made from thick, durable glass, our clear centerpieces from TableclothsFactory will please your eyes longer than you can imagine. Please don’t hesitate to visit us now to grab the best centerpiece ever!  

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