Wholesale Craft Supplies


Wholesale Craft Supplies To Get That Creativity Flowing!

Wholesale Craft Supplies

As a creative person, you might find yourself unable to bring your craziest ideas to life without high-quality wholesale craft supplies on hand. If you want to create crafts that will meet and exceed your expectations, you can’t do so without our DIY supplies. Whichever idea you have in mind, we are always at your service with everything you need to make it a part of your tabletop, backdrop, ceiling, or even on your office desk. 

Are you looking for DIY decorating supplies for your kissing balls? No problem – we can help you with our 8" Green Floral Foam Sphere and 8" White Styrofoam Ball. You can continue with your flower theme by decorating your party backdrop with our assorted size paper peony flowerscarnation 3D Giant tissue paper flowers, and other giant paper flowers from our online store.

Craft Essentials
Craft Materials

At the same time, your guests will jump for joy with favors adorned with our pearl beads wire stems, chiffon ribbon rolls, and other DIY party supplies which you find inspiring.

At TableclothsFactory, we strive to help you bring your creative ideas to life. Our collection of DIY accessories and wholesale craft supplies will provide you with the needed materials offered with exceptional quality and reasonable prices. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to drop by our DIY selection!





1. What are the basic craft supplies ?

Ans: It is possible to encourage creativity in your home without being a crafty person or a DIY enthusiast. But you do need basic craft supplies stored away for those moments when inspiration strikes. Whether you're an embroiderer, scrapbooker, or a collage artist, there are plenty of craft essentials that will come in handy. So, we've compiled a list of our top crafting items so you can stock up and be prepared.

  • Craft Foam Sheets - Always have some beautiful craft foam sheets on hand as they are lightweight and easy to cut and handle. They can be used for anything from a last-minute birthday card to scrapbooking, party decorations, and interior design.
  • Ribbons - Ribbons can be used for just about any craft, whether you need one for a card, basket, or gift. They are easy to attach or tie to any surface. As an ornament, it's also great for covering up minor mistakes. We recommend always having a handful of our ribbons in different shades on hand to use at any time.
  • Twine and String - For any artisan, twine and string are the ideal multifunctional materials. It works well when used to tie off a decorative mesh wreath or as a beautiful finishing touch to a project. Ropes and strings are also useful for tying or hanging objects around the house.
  • Washi Tape - Washi tape is the best as it sticks to most surfaces and is easy to remove without leaving a trace. They make it easy for crafters to include color in any project. Labeling and organization are two other wonderful uses for washi tape.
  • Glitter - Whether you like clutter or not, glitter is a must for craft projects that require an extra dazzle. Use it to adorn candles, Christmas decorations, cards, mason jars, and many other items. Having some bling on hand is essential because you never know when something will need it.
  • Embellishments - The majority of craft projects require some sort of decoration. Keep a variety of embellishments on hand at all times. It's always a good idea to have beads, buttons, mini craft flowers, feathers, rhinestone tape, and other colorful items on hand.

2. How to organize craft supplies ?

Ans: Have you ever been inspired to start a DIY project but gave up when you realized you needed to find your materials? For some crafters, keeping their supplies organized can be difficult because one doesn't have to be organized to be creative. However, you can change your habits to be both.

Here are some tips for organizing your craft space that will make you reevaluate how you utilize, organize, and display your materials.

  • Label - Labeling your shelves and bins is a great way to start getting organized. Now you don't have to play the guessing game every time you try to find a particular item you need for a design or project.
  • Multiple Shelving - Your craft space needs to be totally uncluttered before it gets organized. Next, choose an area that can accommodate both open and closed shelving. By doing this, you can keep all your supplies for crafting in one place and use the remaining space for crafting. While the closed shelf can be used to hide products that are not as aesthetically pleasing, the open shelves can be used for more decorative materials.
  • Don’t Mix Craft Materials - Consider keeping each type of material in a different container for maximum organization. Give colored pencils and markers their own jars instead of keeping them all together, for example. By doing this, you won't have to bring crafting items you won't use, and you'll be able to quickly get what you need for your job.
  • Utilize Empty Walls as Storage - Crafting supplies can be kept organized and within easy reach with the help of hanging storage containers. To prevent your products from spilling when the containers are hung on the wall, tilt them slightly upwards.
  • Consider Using a Rolling Storage - An additional function and level of organization can be added to a craft area with a rolling storage cart, such as a bar cart or kitchen cart. It can be used to store craft accessories that are used regularly or all the supplies needed for a particular type of craft. Then you can just roll the cart over to your craft table instead of getting supplies from multiple places.

3. Where to buy wholesale craft supplies ?

Ans: If you're looking to buy wholesale crafting materials, TableclothsFactory.com is definitely the place for you. Whether you're looking for craft supplies to make DIY party favors or planning to redecorate your home for the season, we've got you covered with everything you need at the lowest prices available. With the arts and crafts supplies we offer, you'll never run out of projects to make. 

There are more than just standard craft items in our selection. These craft materials are available to help you bring your project visions to life, from white foam balls to artificial succulents and trendy mirror balls. Stock up on everything and anything you need, from tulle circles to floral foams and fringe trims to tissue paper garland. Plus, snag a deal on self-adhesive pieces, giant paper flowers, and more wholesale crafts

Your creative brain will be absolutely oozing with delight with our craft supplies wholesale and how you can be ready for anything at any time. With our enjoyable craft stuff, shop now and get the whole family interested in crafting.

4. Where can I buy craft supplies online ?

Ans: Maintaining a well-stocked craft room is now made simple by shopping for art and craft supplies online, and it's also far more economical than depending on and going to physical stores. Check out TableclothsFactory’s amazing selection of DIY items the next time you need some affordable craft supplies. However, because we have so many craft supplies online available, it can be a bit overwhelming so you must use our search bar.

Our wide variety of crafts and other accessories will always keep you inspired. With great care for consistency and quality, we offer wholesale craft supplies for every occasion, theme, and use. You can simply create unique patterns and decorations for regular use or special events using fabric jar covers, rattail cords, acrylic sheets, and other wholesale crafting supplies available in our online store.

You've come to the perfect place when it comes to DIY projects and home design because we are your one-stop shop if you want to buy bulk craft supplies for a tried and true DIY or are seeking for new crafts to try. Browse through our extensive collection now for fresh ideas and trending projects and simply add your own flair.

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