10% Off Tablecloths, Checkered, Disposable Dinnerware - Use Code: BBQ10

10 Percent Off Tablecloths, Checkered, Disposable Dinnerware:


Welcome to TableclothsFactory!

Whether you're looking for something elegant to polish off the look at your reception hall or durable and affordable table linens, TableclothsFactory.com will satisfy all of your needs with our wholesale table linens selection. When you need long lasting, affordable linens that are also easy to clean and reuse for multiple events, choose one of our heavy duty polyester tablecloths. Our crinkle taffeta tablecloths are nothing to wrinkle your nose at either, as all of wedding linens are also stain and wrinkle resistant, making any of our affordable tablecloths great choices for restaurants as well!

From large to small, we offer the best tablecloths in a full selection of sizes and colors as well. Get the right fit and size for your tables with our rectangular wedding linens in both long and fitted styles.

Whether you are planning to throw a picnic-themed event, or you are just looking to save yourself from all those “after-party” chores, you can’t do without our gingham plastic table cover collection. Made from PVC plastic, these checkered table covers are not just comely to the look but also waterproof and accident-repellent. From now on, your tabletop is in good hands, and it’s time to host a noisy bash!

Our incredible collection of disposable party town plastics grants you full liberty to throw bashes with utmost enthusiasm and best dish wares.The premium quality plastic supplies offered by Party Town covers all your hosting needs.The seamless shine and crystal clear plastic of these top-quality plastic supplies mimic the charisma of real glass.


Shop today and get 10% OFF Tablecloths, Checkered Skirts, Checkered Table Covers, Checkered Round Tablecloths, Checkered Rectangle Tablecloths and Disposable Dinnerware!

Use Code: BBQ10 at checkout!

*Sale runs 9/10/19 - 9/16/19 11:59 PM (PST)
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10% Off Tablecloths, Checkered, Disposable Dinnerware

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