New Site, New Features

Interested in what new features we have to offer? This is just a few of the upgrades we are working towards here on! We have many more upgrades planned for the future, so please check back and give us your feedback on our new site!



New Feature 1: Shopping Filters

Having a hard time finding what you need? Too many tablecloth styles to sort through or colors? Now on every category page, we have a filter system where you can sort by size, material, color and many more! Find exactly what you want without having to browse through pages of products!


New Feature 2: Saved Carts

Did you ever find yourself browsing on your mobile or tablet and ended up moving to your computer? Do you ever have the trouble of having to add the products back into the cart every time you change devices? That problem will not be a thing of the past, because now you can sync up your carts no matter where you are or what device you are on as long you are logged in!

When you login, a message will prompt up to if you want to keep the cart you currently have, load the cart you previously saved, or merge both of the carts together.


New Feature 3: Color Variations

Featuring new color variations on our product page! See what available colors we have right on the product page! Color browsing and matching are made simpler with this new feature!


New Feature 4: Back in Stock Emails

Interested in a product but it's out of stock? We now offer back in stock notifications so we'll let you know exactly when our product has restocked! Click on the Email when Available button, and submit your email and we'll send you a message as soon as it's back!


New Feature 5: Order Status Lookup

Want to know what's going on with your order? Now you can check out the status of your order whenever you want! All you need is your email address and the order number. Where is this cool feature? You can try it out yourself in the Track your Orders page!

Please Note: The order tracking only works for orders that have been placed on this new site. The orders that have been placed in the old site will not be able to be tracked.

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