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Our message concerning COVID-19

May 7 , 2020

COVID-19 Update

To our customers,

It’s been months since the COVID-19 situation surprised and disrupted our daily lives. The continued scarcity of much needed protective gears to combat this problem, even as of today, shows how ill-prepared we were for such a life altering event. Fortunately, we were able to make arrangements with our manufacturers to alter our production lines from designated products such as chair covers & tablecloths to critically needed gear, such as face masks, safety goggles, and vinyl gloves. This also provides us the opportunity to better manage product quality and cost.

Although the product transition process & logistics of transporting them was difficult, we’re happy to announce they are on their way. We’ll be able to start offering the following protective gear beginning next week:

Disposable Face Masks
KN95 Masks
Full Cover Face Safety Goggles
Clear Disposable Vinyl Gloves
Face Shields
Bacteria Disinfect Wipes

As we eagerly await our cities, states, and country to reopen again, these protective equipment will prove invaluable to help give us some sort of normalcy. A little extra peace of mind may go a long way in helping everybody make the transition back to business as usual as we all move forward together.

During these difficult times, we’re more determined than ever to live up to our mission statement to bring you the products you want, at the prices you need. Rest assured that when you visit tableclothsfactory, every product we offer will be at exceptionally reasonable prices, so always order with confidence.

Please stay safe out there, and let’s squash the bug together!

From the tableclothsfactory.com management team


April 17 , 2020

COVID-19 Update

To our customers,

It’s difficult to deny that it’s been a challenging month for us all.  A month filled with concern, uncertainty, with a bit of anxiety added in for good measure. To be quite honest, the devastating drop in need for wedding / event related products in the near term has severely impacted our operations, almost to the point of an existential crisis. Thus, we wanted to take a little time to share how we’ve been handling the current dilemma and how our company is progressing forward. 

1). Following the example of our CEO forgoing his salary when this all started, our entire management team has volunteered salary reductions in the amount of at least 50%. This helps to ensure the company is better able to support the employees that cannot afford any income reduction navigate thru this downturn

2). Understanding the shortage of protective and health-related supplies, and hearing the requests from our customers’ critical need of such products, we were happy to make this possible. We’ve coordinated with our fabric manufacturers to modify their product lines from our fabric products such as tablecloths & chair covers to face masks and protective gear.  We’ve also made arrangements to have these protective supplies air freighted to us, because we understand the urgency of getting these products into your hands as quickly as possible.  By offering these much needed products to our customers, we’ll not only be fulfilling a critical need, but it gives us an opportunity to help the community protect themselves so we can all get back to celebrations and parties.

3). Although we see sellers taking advantage of the situation, and systematically inflating the prices of health-related supplies on every marketplace to make a quick buck, we’ve taken a decidedly different approach.  We would love the offer these supplies at an even lower price or even free, but with supporting our employees and the surging material cost and air freight costs, it is simply unachievable.   However, we will maintain our commitment of always offering our customers top value for your dollar. We see our customers as family, and naturally, this means that we want to support you during this difficult time, as you’ve supported us over the years!

4). Thanks to our loyal customers, we've been able to stay afloat without resorting to government bailout loans and such, we will leave that to businesses that need it most. The past month has been difficult, something never experienced, but there’s been some encouraging news, so let's keep our spirits up. We can’t wait until this situation is behind us, and look forward to being your ultimate one-stop-shop for future celebrations!

Please stay safe out there, let’s tough it out and get through this together!

From the tableclothsfactory.com management team


March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Update

To our customers,
It’s been a wild & unpredictable week, to say the least. Our goal used to be providing the perfect event décor to our customers, now we’re focused on survival as an individual and as a company. Like so many of you, we’ve spent the past days and weeks learning about COVID-19 and how it’s impacting our world. More importantly, what we can do to diminish its effects to our customers and employees. Over the past week, we’ve implemented additional precautionary procedures throughout our fulfillment process, and we’d like to briefly update our customers on what we are doing to keep everyone safe.

1). Cleaning and sanitizing in all departments has been increased to 5 times / day. With the plunge in numbers all across the board, this helps to keep the employees working without layoffs. We want to give our employees as many work hours as possible, as the virus itself is stressful enough, they don’t need financial worries as well.

2). Divide our employees into multiple shifts and increased the distance between each packing station. This increases the safety margin for each employee, and in the unfortunate case that someone is not feeling well, we’ll be able to send the entire shift home to self-quarantine without disrupting the fulfillment process. This also allows the company to pay the employees during the self-quarantine period.

3). Educate ourselves on being kind, staying calm, and not to hoard. Funny thing, we do have a lot of paper napkins in the warehouse, just in case our employees run out of toilet paper, we let them take some napkins home to take care of their personal needs!

4). We were very fortunate to be able to purchase some masks from the factories and had it urgently shipped in. Currently, all of our warehouse employees are wearing mandatory masks throughout work hours as a precaution. Although it may be uncomfortable, it is a useful way to keep themselves and each other safe.
5). The CEO voluntarily stopped taking his salary until the current situation comes to a resolution. This helps to slightly relieve the financial stress the company is currently under. In his eyes, survival of our company and employees come first.

We are glad our government is taking action now and things are moving quicker. Although it may feel a bit overwhelming adjusting to all these changes, we firmly believe that we, the people of the United States will come out of this stronger than before. Countries like China & S. Korea are on their way to recovery, there’s no reason we wouldn’t be able to tough it out!

Please stay safe and let’s keep our spirits up!

From the tableclothsfactory.com management team


March 12, 2020

To our customers,
We are learning about the COVID-19 like everyone else, and trying to filter the news. Understanding how it can impact our world, our employees, and our customers, how to make adjustments to our operations to protect everyone’s safety. At the end of the day, that is the number 1 concern, to ensure our customers and our employees stay safe. 

So far, we’ve made these changes:
1.      Up the cleaning in general common area 3 times / day.
2.      After every round of order picking, disinfectant spray is used on carts. (We are very fortunate we stocked up on that back in early Feb. )
3.      Strict travel policy in place, no travel, period. 
4.      Employee paid sick leave so our employees does not feel burdened to not report sickness due to financial obligations.
5.      Offered work from home options for all our customer service and IT dept. 
6.      Follow all CDC recommendations on how to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of this Virus. 

As more information comes to surface, we will continue to update our changes with 1 simple goal, keep everyone safe so we can all party hard after this passes. 

From the tableclothsfactory.com management team

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