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10 Pack | 11mm x 10" Clear Hot Glue Sticks

Item Number:CRAF_GLUE10_CLR

  • $3.09

  • Perfect to use with our Large Glue Gun
  • Color- Clear
  • Size- 11mm x10" long
  • Quantity-10pcs/order

More Details

Craft most inspiring masterpieces with these hot melt clear glue sticks that work as an ideal adhesive for home, office and school DIY projects including variety of surfaces like metal, paper, wood, glass, fabric, ceramics, or foam. These fast acting glue sticks are used with craft glue guns to create most remarkable craft masterpieces in the most convenient manner. Simply pop the stick through the back of your craft glue gun and gently push until fully inserted. Turn your gun‚¬„¢s power on and wait for glue to melt. Push the trigger to let the glue come out; indulge in a fascinating crafting experience ever!

Additional Information:

Perfect to use with our Large Glue Gun 
Color- Clear
Size- 11mm x10" long

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