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84 Wholesale Organza Rose Buds Wedding Vase Centerpiece Decor - Red

12 Bush 84 pcs Red Artificial organza Rose Bud Flowers Bridal Bouquet Wedding Decoration

Item Number:ARTI_ORG_RED

  • $18.39

Immortalizing the charming appeal and charismatic colors of fresh roses, these handcrafted and hand rolled semi-bloomed organza rose buds will give you an eternal glee to cherish and rejoice for the years to come. Roses represent love, passion, and liveliness. These bright semi-bloom buds embody bold beauty and passionate love that is the very essence of your life. Showcase your strong sense of happiness, love, and friendship via these brighter and bolder organza imitations of fresh roses. With shimmering crystal organza outer layer petals, these blooming buds will glimmer like heavenly bundles of bliss under light. Present heart-warming bouquets to the loved ones, expressing your powerful passion of love, create enticing tabletop presentations, vase decorations, centerpieces, corsages, or simply bring a floral burst of color and vigor into your home decorations.

Additional Information:

  • Flower Type: Organza
  • 1 Qty: 12 Bushes ( Total 84 Rose Buds )
  • Stem Height: 10'' Approx
  • Rose Bud Height: 2'' Approx
  • Rose Bud Width: 3'' Approx
  • Total Height of flowers with Stem: 13" Approx
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Uses - Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration
- Total Height of flowers with Stem Approx. 13"

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