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12 Pack | 12" Heavy Duty Hour Glass Vase

Item Number:VASE_A9_12

  • $89.99

More Details

Exceptional clarity of transparent glass is coupled with contemporary flared shape to give you this lush luxury! The splayed shape gives a unique classy look to the vase that can be used either to showcase your bouquets, floral balls, stems, sprays, and picks with vase filler balls, acrylic gems, pearl beads, decorative sand, glitter, and diamond confetti filled inside, or simply on its own to exude pure opulence. Create most mesmeric centerpieces with colorful stones and gems filled inside, top with a Rose, Flower Kissing Ball, Boxwood Topiary Ball, or Pompoms. The narrow center can be designed with ribbons, pearl strings, lace trims, diamond garlands, string LEDs and so much more! For a truly exotic display, place LEDs in the bottom with pearl beads, acrylic ice crystals, faux diamonds, or rose petals inside. 

Additional Information:
Color- Clear
Material- High Quality Hand Blown Glass
Quantity- 12 pcs/order
Size- 12" Tall
Opening- 3" diameter

Note- Sale is only for Flared Glass Vase, other decorations and accessories are NOT INCLUDED!

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