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12 Pack 4oz Clear Rustic Bridal Wedding Mason Jars with Handles

Item Number:GLAS_JAR03_CLR

  • $13.89

  • Quantity: One Order is for 12 bottles
  • Capacity: Approx 4oz per glass bottle
  • Size: Approx 3.25" Tall x 2" wide
  • Sale is for glass bottle only, other decorative accessories not include

More Details

Add a classy rustic touch to your drink tables and tabletops with our clear mason style jar mugs featuring a classic country-side look and charm. WOW your guests and friends with the classic, vintage look of these Mason jar drinking glasses. These clear jars are a perfect combination of style, strength, and practicality. Besides having a great deal of style, these Mason jar drinking glasses offer heavy-duty practical beverage service at your event, bar, restaurant, or DIY wedding favors. The sturdy handle will not only provide a strong, comfortable grip, but will also ooze oodles of fun flair to your signature cocktails. Screw top metal lid keeps the liquids secure and fresh. Use this glam jar to serve soda, water, beer, mixed drinks, cocktails, desserts and other refreshing beverages with style and flair. The crystal clear clarity provides optimal product visibility so you can showcase anything for an impressive homemade display. The versatile uses of this classic mason jar offer endless possibilities to inspire others; fill this with candy or other favors and top with a ribbon to present as a bridal, wedding, or holiday craft gift, create colorful centerpieces and tabletop decoration by filling with acrylic ice crystals, pearl beads, diamond crystals, jelly beans, or for a much exotic effect, place a color changing LED and let the world be captivated by such surreal presentation!

Additional Information:
Material- Glass
Can hold 4oz water
Measurement-3.25"x2" round

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