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12 Ostrich Plume Feathers - 24"-26" White

12 Ostrich Plume Feathers - 24"-26" White

Item Number:OST65_WHT

  • $57.99

Grand events deserve GRAND festivity, GRAND gatherings, and of course, GRAND Decorations. If your style is to organize merriments at a grand level, with sublime decorative effects, and supreme elite touch, then our Grand Plume Ostrich Feathers are meant just for you. With the gigantic size and gorgeous hues, these jumbo size natural feathers will leave your guests drop dead fascinated. Make your event an epic experience for your invitees who will undoubtedly feel the oodles of vivacious vibes oozing from these giant plume Ostrich Feathers. Enliven your table top centerpieces and vases by decorating with these huge bundles of vibrant exuberance!

  • 1 order is for 12 ostrich feathers
  • Each feather is about 24" - 26", sizes will vary as they are not man-made
  • These are GENUINE ostrich feathers with color dye.
  • Feathers are fumigated, washed and rinsed
  • People with allergies to real animal feathers or color dye should take note before ordering/handling

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