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12 x MY LUCKY BREAK Foam Eternal Ring /Circle White 8"

Item Number:FOAM_CIRCLE_08

  • $8.29

Like the circle of life that never ends, happiness also finds its way back time and time again. Our light and smooth polystyrene hoops or rings also represent the same theme of chance and prosperity that embraces our life, greets us with its utter fullness and intensity. Made from lightweight and porous Styrofoam, these rings are perfect and very easy to be used for multitudes of arts and crafts creations, wreaths, crowns, kids craft, holiday dcor or party decoration. The solid, smooth surface can easily be painted, shaped, sculpted or cut for the desired look of elegance. Turn this plain foam circle into a stroke of genius. Our foam rings are very durable, this attribute make them perfect for projects that involve pinning or gluing. These rings can be painted or can be decorated with multitude of modelling and craft materials, like fabric, pins/pin craft, glitter, sequins, ribbon. Make 3D animations, floral wreaths or sparkling crowns.

  • Material: Styrofoam
  • Dimensions: Approx. 8" wide
  • Quantity: One order is for 12 Eternal Rings

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