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14" Natural Birch Wood Hand Crafted Candle Stand with 4 Glass Candle Holders

Item Number:WOD_CAND_002_NAT

  • $14.99

  • Qty: 1 Wooden Holder Container & 4 Glass Candle Holders
  • Material: Birchwood
  • Overall Length: 14"
  • Overall Width: 5"
  • Overall Height: 4"
  • Glass Holder Height: 3"
  • Glass Holder Diameter: 3"
  • Made up of 50 birchwood sticks
  • All sizes are approximate measurements

More Details

Bring woodsy rustic charm and peaceful earthy tones to your décor and craft projects with these all-natural Birch Wood Log Sticks Candle Holders that are handcrafted by the master artisans. With their natural wooden texture and stilted finish, these charming and warming country style tea candle holders will bring cozy calmness to your living room, fireplace, coffee table, kitchen counters, window sills, mantel, and other corners of your home and office space.

Simple, yet highly whimsical, the artistic construction of these wood candle holders makes them an ideal decorative accent to adorn Woodland theme and Farmhouse style events. Create nostalgic glowing silhouettes of romantic bonfire by lighting soft tea lights and votive candles in the glass holders that come nestled in the wooden log stick frames.

Perfect to add a dash of exotic sparkle into your tabletops and candle displays, these lovely holders also double as handy and hearty keepsakes and party favors.

Additional Information:

  • Qty: 4 Glass Candle Holders & 1 Wooden Candle Holder Container
  • Material: Birch Wood
  • Overall Length: 14"
  • Overall Width: 5"
  • Overall Height: 4"

  • Inner Container Diameter: 12"
  • Inner Container Length: 12"
  • Inner Container Width: 3"

  • Individual Branch for Glass Holder Length: Ranges from 1"-3"
  • Individual Branch for Glass Holder Width: Ranges from 1"-2"

  • Glass Candle Holder Material: Glass
  • Glass Candle Holder Color: Clear
  • Glass Height: 3"
  • Glass Top Diameter: 3"
  • Glass Base Diameter: 2"
  • Glass Depth: 3"
  • Can fit candles up to 3" H x 2.5" W in size
  • Can fit 4 pcs of 3" size votive glass holders
  • Made up of 50 birchwood sticks
  • Perfect for: Zen and Spa Decor, Natural Lighting, Rustic Themed Events, Romantic Table Settings, and Table Arrangement Accent
  • All sizes are approximate measurements

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