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144 Turquoise Poly Rose Buds DIY Favor Craft

Item Number:FLO_RB_TURQ

  • $3.67

These lovely rose buds are a perfect choice for adorning an ambiance of any festive event or sending to your beloved as a token of your affection. Our collection of fabric rose buds is available in a variety of colors creating the perfect gift or decorations that will last for years to come. These super-soft, realistic looking rose buds are bright, colorful, inexpensive and economical; a must have for any type of celebration. Each poly rose bud is supported by a stem. These silk rose buds come in gracious packages, and can be used individually, or in bunches to make your decorating easy and stress-free.

Additional Information:

  • Material : Poly Fabric
  • Width : 1/2"
  • Height : 3/4"
  • Pack : 12 Bundles per order
  • Buds per Bunch : 12
  • Total Buds per order : 144
  • Size of Flower : Approx. 0.6" to 0.9"
  • Poly rose buds on a 3" wire stem
  • Cut the tie to have 12 pretty individual Rose Bud Flowers
  • The wire allows you to bend the flowers to any angles and make them the shape that you like

Uses : Holiday crafts, Wedding, Gifts, Sewing, Scrapbooking, Hair bows, Belts tons, Applique, Birthday, Favor, DIY, Table Decoration

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