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15 LED Pre Lit Battery Operated Light For Wedding Event Birthday Party Centerpiece - White - 3 PCS

15 LED Pre Lit Battery Operated Light For Wedding Event Birthday Party Centerpiece - White - 3 PCS

Item Number:LED_BRCH05_CLR

  • $35.64

Are these fireworks or a lot of fairies splashing oodles of sparkling magic all around? With our spectacular LED torches accented with festive blooms, you are sure to create a majestic ambiance that is fit for royals. Your guests will be simply awe-struck on sighting such a grand spectacle. Combining the grandeur of regal shimmer with the charisma of festive ecstasy, we present to you an embellishment that will allow you to transform your events ambiance into an imperial extravaganza. With blooming LED festive torches exuding mesmeric sheen, your guests will be deeply exhilarated, aroused to scream with celebratory joy due to their love for grand festivities. There are multitudes of brilliant possibilities as to how these torches can be used to ooze the loads mesmerizing glimmer into your events venue. Either stake them onto the ground or hedges with other matching decorative accessories of your choice, or create ethereal centerpieces by placing them in our Eiffel Tower vases, whatever option you choose, you will surely find all your guests hailing you like an empyrean empress holding a royal feel!

Additional Information:

    • LED Torches Accented With Festive Blooms
    • Total Length: 30'' (Approx)
    • Qty: 3 Pcs. per order
    • Color: White
    • LED Count: 15 LEDs per Torch
    • Battery Required: 3 AA per Torch
    • Batteries Included: No
    • Uses : Wedding, Party,  Birthday, Event, Table Decoration, Centerpieces
    Note: Order is for LED torches only, other decorative accessories not included

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