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15ft L x 20" W
15ft Long Crystal Beaded Ceiling Drape, Crystal Beaded Curtains

15FT Long Crystal Beaded Ceiling Drape Curtains With Hardware Kit

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Item Number:BKDP_CEIL_CLR_15

1 review
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Quantity: 1 Set of Ceiling Drape
Material: Metal, Acrylic

What you get:

  • 15x Strands of Iridescent Beads (preset on 2x Rods)
  • 4x Rods
  • 8x Ceiling Hook Mounts
  • 8x Sets of Steel Brackets
  • 8x Sets of Screws
Style: Beaded Ceiling Drapery
Total Size: 15ft L x 20" W
Each Bead Strand Length: 14.8ft
Bead Size: 1cm (Diameter) x 1mm (Thickness)
Bead Color: Iridescent
Each Rod Size: 20"L x 0.5"W
All sizes are approximate measurements
Due to different light settings the actual color might vary a bit from the pictures.

More Details

Beaded Ceiling Drape!

Create a scintillating spectacle to behold with our bejeweled Beaded Ceiling Drape. Fusing fanciful flair of faceted crystals with dazzling drape design, this epitome of shine and sparkle will take the gorgeousness of your ambiance up by several notches. Charming chamfered cut clear crystals dangle enchantingly from metal dividers to give that ethereal elegant look and effect.

Easy to Use & Attractive!

With a look that can bedazzle the beholder with its glitzy glamour and impact to impart a truly regal radiance to any space, this sparkling beauty can serve multitude of accenting purposes. Perfect for events that demand pomp and panache like weddings, anniversaries, showers, birthdays, proms, graduation ceremony, fundraisers, and much more, you can even grant a super doze of lavishness and luxury to your daily life by mounting these shiny wonders in your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Premium Iridescent Crystals!

Boasting high-end elegance and ornate opulence, our Crystal Beaded Drapes feature premium quality iridescent crystals on strings that are formed into a swag curtain pattern and attached to a wall mount. Ooze regal radiance by using these as wedding backdrops, or position them under a valence along the top of the backdrop for a lush layered look. The faceted gem cut beads will reflect lights from every angle and transform any space into an empyrean realm.

Additional Information:

  • 2x of the Rods are already installed along with the beads, the other 2x rods are not attached.
  • Item comes with a Bag of Parts needed to hang item. Bag contains the following:

8x Sets of Steel Brackets:

  1. Each Steel Bracket is pre-installed with 2x Washers, 2x Nuts, 2x Screws, 2x Stoppers.
  2. Steel Brackets are attached to a beam that will help support the item. Each of this set will use 1x Set of Screws so it can be screwed down on to the beam support

8x Sets of Screws:

  1. Each Set is individually wrapped with 2x Screws, 2x Plastic Anchors
  2. These Screws go into the small oval holes of the Steel Brackets into the supporting beam to mount the item

Each Rod contains 2x Triangular Hangers on each end to slide the Ceiling Hook Mount through. 

  1. Triangular Hanger Size: 0.5"L x 0.5"W
  2. Ceiling Hook Mount Size: 4" Diameter x 0.75" Thick
  3. Ceiling Hook: 1.25"L x 1"W

Individual Parts Measurement:

SET of Steel Bracket:

Contains: 2x Large Ovals, 2x Small Ovals, and Center Hole

  • Steel Bracket: 3.5"L x 0.75"W x 1mm (Thickness)
  • Washer Outer/Inner Diameter: 0.5", 0.5cm
  • Nut: 1cm Length x 4mm Inner Diameter
  • Screw: 0.75"L x 1cm W x 0.5 Neck Diameter
  • Stopper: 0.25" L x 1cm Diameter

SET of Screw:

  • Screw: 1"L x 0.25" W x 4mm Neck Diameter
  • Plastic Anchor: 1"L x 1cm W x 0.5cm

How to Install:

  1. You will need to find/create 2x Parallel Support Beams with enough space between each other to assemble this item
  2. Take 1x Set of Steel Bracket and remove the Stoppers. Take 1x Set of Screws.
  3. Take Steel Bracket and place on preferred area on Support Beam with bottom tip of screws facing you. Take a Screw and insert into opening of Plastic Anchor from Screw Set. Proceed to drill into one of the small ovals on the Steel Bracket into the Support Beam. Repeat this step for the remaining Plastic Anchor and Screw.
  4. Take 1x Ceiling Hook Mount and align its 2 holes so that the Screws from the Steel Bracket can go through it. Proceed to take the 2x Stoppers removed from the Steel Bracket and screw on each Screw Tip to secure the Ceiling Hook Mount.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 + 3 assemble another Hook Mount across the one you just setup (ALLOW ENOUGH SPACE for attaching the rods)
  6. Take one of the Preset Rod w/Beads. Each end of the Rod has a Triangular Hole to slide into the Ceiling Hook Mount. Slide each Triangular Hole on the Rod into each Ceiling Hook Mount.
  7. Repeat the Previous Steps to Hook the other Preset Rod w/Beads. At this time, you can choose how far or close you'd like the other end of the Ceiling Drape to be. This creates a wide or narrow Drape Effect based on preference.
  8. OPTIONAL: You can create more Drape Effects of varying size if you choose to use 1x or 2x of the remaining Rods. If you'd like to proceed with this option:

8-1. Repeat the previous Steps for installing the Ceiling Hook Mounts for however many rods you choose to use. The only thing different is when you are applying the Drape effect with the remaining rods, you are pushing each rod against the beads as you attach it to the Ceiling Hook Mounts. Once the rod is attached, align the bead strands by following the alignment of the Preset Rod.

8-2. Once the bead strands are aligned, pull each strand of beads in the direction of your preference to help shape the size of the Drape Effect.

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Vikki F.
United States United States
Crystal Beads

I absolutely loved them. They were exactly what I expected and everyone raved about them. Definitely worth it

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