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3 Layered Organza Pleated Table Skirt With Satin Bottom - White - 17 FT

17FT Wholesale 3 Layered White Pleated Organza Table Skirt With Satin Bottom For Wedding Party Event Decoration

Item Number:SKT_07_WHT_17

  • $36.89

Combining the elegance of three most desired and admired styles; Organza, Satin, and Ruffles, we present to you one of a kind wedding/ banquet table skirts. Fashioned from premium quality Organza and Satin fabric in contemporary ruffle style, this table skirt will instantly add a swish flair and visual element to your ordinary party tables. Besides hiding those unsightly table legs, these opulent table skirts will also give your wedding and banquet tables a chic twist, transforming them into royal banquets. Organza layers coupled with sheer delicacy of Satin bottom make this table skirt an ideal addition to your event€™s decoration. Pair these with matching taffeta or satin tablecloths to create a charming coherent theme ambiance, or use contrastive shades for an exotic festive feel!

Additional Information:
Color- White
Material: Organza, Satin
Size-17€™ x 29"
15 skirt clips recommended

Used In:
* Wedding Table Decoration
* Party Table Decoration
* Outdoor Easter Decoration
* Table Setting
* Dining Table Decoration
* Easter Table Decoration
* Wedding Reception Decoration
* DIY wedding decorations
* Wedding Tables
* Table Decor
* Christmas Table Decor
* Flower Table Decoration
* Wedding Ceremony Decor
* Birthday Table Decor

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