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18'' Ball x 41" Standing Gigante Utopia Lamp Acrylic Diamond Chandelier Clear

18'' Ball x 41" Acrylic Diamond Living Room Utopia Lamp Chandelier

Item Number:CHDLR_018_SILV

  • $84.63

Gigante or Giant in Spanish. This Lamp is made to hold people in awe. Size. Prestige. Presentation. This paradise (Utopia) diamond beacon ball makes all other centerpieces and chandeliers pale do to its unique design and splendid diamond coverings. If you have a truly large event, then you need something to set the mood all the way till the corner of your event and that is what this Gigante Utopia Chandelier will deliver.

This Utopia style Chandelier is meant to be seen far and wide. Set it High. Set it Bright. Treat it as a grand trophy to your most galvanizing festivities.

Additional Information:

  • Color: Silver
  • Sphere/Ball diameter: 18" (approx.)
  • Total Top-Bottom Length : 41" (when on stand)
  • Base Diameter: 10" (approx.)
  • Number of poles: 2 
  • Poles length: 11" (each)
  • Material: Acrylic diamond
  • Uses: Wedding, Party,  Birthday, Event, Table Decoration, Centerpieces

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