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2 Pack - 23" Tall
2 Pack | 23" Gold Reversible Votive Candle Holder Flower Ball Stand

2 Pack | 23" Gold Reversible Votive Candle Holder Flower Ball Stand

Item Number:CHDLR_031_GOLD

  • $43.19

  • Color- Gold
  • Size- 23" Height
  • Quantity- 2pc (1+ 1 Free)/order

More Details

Bedazzle your guests and audience with the most splendid display of imperial sheen and deluxe design exhibited by our chic metal chandelier pillars and stands. Glamorously fashioned in twined design and finished with fine silver polish, these opulent stands will leave your guests gasping and gaping at such extravagant display of regal extravaganza. Standing tall beside your aisle, pathway, or stage, these glistening silver chandelier pillars will transform your ordinary and lackluster ambiance into an empyrean realm. Use these as they are to showcase your plush taste of decoration and accenting, or further glam these up by topping with seasonal fresh flowers or artificial flowers, bushes, buds, garlands, and bouquets.

Additional Information:
Color- Gold
Size- Top and base are 6"x 23" Height
Quantity- 2pc (1+ 1 Free)/order

Used as:

- Flower Ball Stand
- Table Top Candle Holder
- Fire Place Candle Holder
- Wedding Centerpiece Candle Holder
- Christmas Candle Holders
- Home Decor
- Candle Holders for Weddings
- Decorative Candle Holder

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