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3PCS 60 LED Shiny Decorative Party Light Vase Bushes For Wedding Party Event Tabletop Centerpiece Decoration - White

Item Number:LED_BRCH02_WHT

  • $27.99

Bring your magical kingdom of imagination into life with these dreamy LED bushes illuminating the entire atmosphere with their regal glow and seamless sparkle. Create the mystic realm of your dreams right in front of you with these luxurious lights that exude the ethereal glow of pure pleasure. Accented with numerous glimmering LEDs, these bushes are sure to allure and startle the beholders. Breathe luminosity and empyrean glimmer into your tablescapes and table tops with our entrancing LED bushes outshining the ritziest of embellishments. Place these in Eiffel towers vases, decorative vases, or simply scatter these on your reception tables to create a truly whimsical magical empire.

  • Bush Quantity: 3 bushes per Order
  • Stem Quantity: Each bush has 5 stems
  • LED Quantity: Each stem has 4 LEDs for a total of 20 LEDs per bush!
  • Top-Bottom Height: Approx. 31"
  • Left-Right Width: Approx. 8-9"
  • Battery: Each bush comes with a battery pack that require 3AA Batteries (not included); Approx. 12-16 Hours duration when lighted.
  • Note: Batteries not included

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