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What a MESH! 4" x 25yards Shiny Ribbons White

25 Yards 4" DIY White Sparkling Mesh Ribbons

Item Number:RIB_MESH4_WHT

  • $6.23

  • Ribbon comes in 4” x 25 yards (75 feet) per spool.
  • Material: Sparkling Mesh
  • Use our ribbons to decorate your celebration, banquet, or any other event.

More Details

Soft, sheer and so very shiny! Our shimmering mesh ribbons are truly a bounty from heaven. Smoothness of premium quality sheer mesh fabric has been combined with the glimmering of sparkly glitters to infuse a true surreal feel to your decorations, dresses, arts, and crafts. Use this soft sparkling sheer trim to majestically transform your simple and lackluster ambiance into a fairytale realm. Twirl it around your vases, pillars, arches, centerpieces, flower arrangements, candle holders, craft glimmering table covers, table linens, table runners, drapery, chair covers, or swathe around your favors and gifts to impart them a glowing ethereal touch. Possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating and adorning with our twinkling mesh ribbon. With a huge array of colors available, let your decorations and favors shine enchantingly in your party's theme tone.

Additional Information:
Size: Approx. 4" x 25yards
Material: Sparkling Mesh
Count: One order is for 1 pc ribbon only

Uses : Wedding, Party, Birthday, Events, Gift, Favors, DIY, Decoration

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