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Divergent Gingham Ribbon 5/8" x 25yrds per roll-Orange

25 Yards 5/8" Orange Divergent Checkered Gingham Ribbon

Item Number:RIB_A8_ORNG

Divergent Gingham Ribbon 5/8" x 25yrds per roll-Orange
  • $2.28

  • Ribbon comes in 5/8” x 25 yards (75 feet) per spool.
  • Ribbon is gingham style
  • Use our ribbons to decorate your celebration, banquet, or any other event.

More Details

The word Gingham" means Woven Cloth". This classy checkered fabric has been around for centuries, always been preferred by fashion designers and artists for its unique vintage home spun look. Not only in dressing and hair accessories, gingham has been highly admired and desired in decorations, arts, and craft projects. Our divergent gingham ribbon will keep your status elevated as a fashion star all year round, with cool lime and lilac for spring sensation, hot pink and peppy orange for sizzling summers, and classic red and green for merry Christmas celebration, choose the color and make a style statement that will never fade away. So go ahead and craft the hippest attires, bows, flower arrangements, favor adornments, and more with these voguish checkered ribbons, After all, no gingerbread man is ever complete without his red and white gingham bow!

Additional Information:
One order is for One 5/8" x 25 yards Roll

Uses : Wedding, Party, Birthday, Events, DIY, Decoration

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