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3 Bush 24'' Pink Artificial Delphinium Flowers


  • $27.69

  • 6 stems/bush, 20+ flowers/stem
  • 3 bushes total
  • Approx 24" height
  • These are artificial, not fresh flowers

More Details

We all like to admire a perfect bouquet, especially when it is unique or particularly attractive. Our delphinium bushes are uniquely crafted for perfection since they won't wilt, and you can keep them for years to come. Each order comes with a generous supply of delphinium bushes, creating the opportunity for an abundant set of silk flowers. With our wide selection of colors, you will surely find a delphinium bush that works with your colors and other wedding flowers.

Additional Information:
- 6 stems/bush
- 20+ flowers/stem
- 3 bushes total
- Approx 24" height
- Wide variety of colors available

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