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36 LED Blue Pre Lit Battery Operated Tree

Item Number:LED_TREE01_BLUE

  • $21.99

Cherry Blossoms or Sakura flowers just have the special charisma that makes you want to smile and be light hearted. And real sakuras are hard to acquire for the the table tops and overly expensive even as in silk flower form, hence we decided that the LED tree form is the best means to help accent the beauty of your centerpieces, table tops and decorations area. On it's own, it looks plain, but add a little bit of this item and that item, and then a touch of this colors and that color and you've actually created a bewildering centerpiece or showcase area. Both the stems/branches and LEDs are crafted in a humble manner to emphasize what you plan to place with it and around it. Truly, this is one of the best decorating accessories out there that gets whatever message you have across.

Additional Information:

    • Pre Lit Battery Operated Tree with Sakura LED Flowers
    • Qty: 2 LED tree per order
    • Branch Count: 30 Stem each tree
    • LED Flower Count: 1 Flower each Stem
    • Total LED Count: 36 LED Flowers
    • Length: 18'' (Approx)
    • Width: 10-12'' (Approx)
    • Uses : Wedding, Event, Birthday, Party, Tabletop Decoration

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