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3D Design Wire Garland - 40" Long Black Foil Grass

3D Design Wire Garland - 40" Long Black Foil Grass

Item Number:GLIT_9478_BLK

  • $14.48

Combining the excellence of bendable aluminum wire with the naturalness of fresh, rejuvenating grass, we have crafted this unique piece of definite splendor and sophistication. The foil grass has gorgeously been coated around a bendable design wiring to provide you with this magnum opus that will not only exude elegance 360 degrees up and down, left and right, but will also ignite your creativity to create amazing shapes, and designs. Make stylish hearts, bells, stars, and other lovely wall hangings to accentuate your party decor with this 3D wire Garland. Simple and stylish, no other decoration can beat the charm oozed by these glamorous garlands.

  • Material: Bendable Design Wiring coated with Foil Grass
  • Dimensions: Approx. 40" long when stretched end to end

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