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4 Pack | 2"
10 LED Submersible WATERPROOF 13 Color Changing Light RGB for Vase Wedding Party Fish Tank Decors With REMOTE - 4 PCS

4 Pack 13 Color Assorted Waterproof Submersible LED Vase Lights With IR Remote

Item Number:LED_RMT1_ASST

  • $25.99

  • Color : 13 Color Assorted
  • 1 Qty : 4 Lights With 20 Button Remote 
  • Total LED : 36
  • LED Per Light : 9
  • Size : 2"x2" (Approx.)
  • Dual Mode: Fade and Jump
  • WaterProof : Yes
  • Perfect for Vases, Pool, Fountains, Aquarium, Ice Bucket, Centerpieces

    More Details

    No magic spell or a magic wand is needed now to transform your earthly event into a celestial fantasy, just a push of button, and here you go! Multitudes of heavenly fairies, bunched together start to fly around, sprinkling their mystic glow and surreal feel into your party venue, creating a pure whimsical mood of festivity. You can be the one who decides when this divine ballet begins and when it climaxes simply by switching the lights off using our latest remote controlled fairy lights. Your guests will be startled and awe-struck on witnessing such a spectacular display of festive fairies suddenly coming alive, rising with empyrean shimmer from their divine nests. Place these paradise parcels of glitz and glam atop your centerpieces, floral vases, or backdrops to indulge the audience in an overwhelming fantasy celebration.

    Additional Information:

    • 4 x Submersible LED Lights
    • 4x 20-keys IR Remote Control
    • 9 LED Bulbs on each Light
    • Size: 2”x2” (Approx.)
    • Requirement: 3 AAA Batteries per LED light. Total 12pcs. (not included) 
    • Remote control requires one CR2025 Battery (Included)
    • Dual Mode: Fade and Jump
    • Brightness can be adjusted
    • Waterproof (IP68): The rubber O-ring can prevent the water from going inside
    • Led Light Can Be Turned On Or Off By Remote Control

    Additional Directions:

    (1) LEDS can only be switched on through remote. ***FOR FIRST TIME USE***, remove plastic seal on the batteries in the remote and in the LED; batteries are BRAND NEW and the plastic is there to prevent the batteries power from dissipating
    (2) You can remote control the ON/OFF, in addition to changing the light colors, of the LEDs as long as within range
    Note: Sale is for LED and remote only, additional accessories not included

    Uses : Wedding, Event, Birthday, Party, Vase Light, Tabletop Decoration

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