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92LED Wedding Party Vase Base  Lights Table Top Decoration With REMOTE - White - 4 PCS

4 Pack 23 White Bright LED Battery Operated Vase Base Uplight With Remote

Item Number:LED_RMT03_WHT

  • $33.99

Are you not satisfied with a couple of fairies visiting your whimsical parties to impart their mystic glow to your creations? Worry not! As we have arranged a whole manor of fairies to bring multitude of luck, good fortune and ethereal sheen of merriment into your special celebration. Use it for bigger, better and brighter arrangements to exude tons of joyful light and classiness. This masterpiece has specially been crafted to light up the bottom of your exquisite centerpiece arrangements and to give a swish looking radiance to your tablescape. Either place a mirror atop to create a mystic halo of magical light or place your favorite vase on top to bedazzle your guests with this luridly surreal mood created by you.

Additional Information:

  • Color : White
  • 1 Qty = 4 Lights With Remote 
  • Total LED : 92
  • LED Per Light : 23
  • Size : 6" Diameter
  • Height : 1"
  • Battery Required : 4x AA Battery Per Light
  • Batteries not included
  • Perfect for Under Tower Vases

Note: 1 order is for Fairy Manor Lights Only. Other decorative accessories not included.

Uses : Wedding, Event, Birthday, Party, Vase Light, Tabletop Decoration

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