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Premium Raffia Picnic Party Upholstery Fabric Bolt - CHOCOLATE / IVORY - 54" x 4 Yards

4 Yards 54" Premium Eco Friendly Raffia Picnic Party Upholstery Fabric Bolt - Chocolate/Ivory

Item Number:FAB_JUTE_10

  • $31.84

Lets revive that vacation mood and exultation with our gorgeous Vacation-Style Raffia Line. The rejoicing hues and chic styles will surely create an exotically leisure atmosphere wherever you use them. Feel the same quixotic serenity and calmness that is attributed to the tranquil country side by accentuating your ambiance and home with our special festive raffia. The sturdy jute material gives a liberty to use them with ease in the rough outdoor events, hillside picnics and an afternoon by the lake-side. This eccentric patterned raffia will arouse the curiosity among your guests as to what these Martian symbols interpret. A great conversation starter, our Alien Writing Raffia is unique yet, very stylish in design. Let people guess and construe the signs their own way, while you enjoy your ride out to space with our unorthodox raffia. A perfect holiday piece, the very sight of these bizarre patterns around you will transport your guests and invitees to the peculiar world of calmness by alienating them from the hustle and bustle of daily hectic life.

  • Fabric bolt measuring approximately 54" wide x 4 yards length
  • Material: High-quality Raffia (soft, durable, biodegradable)
  • Edges are not finished
  • These fabric bolts are perfect for draping tables, ceilings, walls, and can also be used to fuel your own creativity.

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