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7 Color Changing Party Wedding Aisle LED Column Event Party Decoration SET - One Column + One Flower Pot - 42.5"

Item Number:PROP_ROMA_15

  • $101.29

Create an absolutely alluring spectacle of festive lights and radiant colors for your guests to behold and bedazzled from with our glamorous LED color changing decorative columns. Our French-inspired LED columns are specially designed with high quality PVC material to bring the glorious illumination of French architecture into your special events, imparting a Grand imperial touch to your decorations. With flamboyant rain of shining colors showering upon you and your guests, these luminous columns will showcase your celebration’s festive sheen. Red and blue are the main colors, while pink, purple, lavender, blush, and eggplant are the transition colors. With the magnificent French-style design, these LED columns are perfect to illuminate any party space. With LED lights and brilliant craftsmanship, these columns are surely going to outshine the swankiest of embellishments. Let these columns stand tall by your passage way or stage side, reminding of the past, while the luminous LED lights contrast with them, bringing an innovation of the present time. Glam your events venue up with these triumphant columns standing proud, bedazzling your guests with their exultant radiance!

Additional Information:

  • Material: PVC
  • LED Main Colors: Red & Blue
  • Transition Colors: Pink, Purple, Lavender, Blush and Eggplant
  • Length: 42.5'' Approx
  • Width: 13.75'' Approx
  • Base: 12'' Approx
  • Power Plug: 120V
  • Includes: Rubber Weights at the Bottom for Stability
  • Uses : Wedding, Party, Event, Outdoor, Banquet, Decoration

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