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5-Tier Cupcake Tower Stand

5-Tier Cupcake Tower Stand

Item Number:WIL_307_651

  • $18.49

Our shiny silver 5-tier metal cupcake stand is absolutely perfect for any celebratory occasion, from festive tea parties with friends to a formal wedding or a birthday ceremony. This glistening silver metal cupcake stand lets your cupcakes, desserts, sweet breads, and confections sit elegantly and temptingly. This stylish cupcake stand is an ideal complement to individually decorated cupcakes, fruit cups, cocktails, bakery goodies, and other scrumptious delights you wish to add elegance and charm into. Classy twisting, towering design will not only hold each individual cupcake sturdily, but will also impart a modish appeal to your dessert and cake tables. This unique cupcake stand will make all the eyes glued to your special muffins, cupcakes, and other delightful sweets, with its contemporary style and peerless design. High quality coiled metal formation will not only impart a voguish charm to your cake or dessert tables, but will also heighten the scrumptiousness of your cupcakes by creating a chic stylish display. It has a collapsible design, so storage is a breeze. Easy assembly, simply stack each layer onto the locking center rod  To attain a totally exotic look and luxurious feel, surround the stand with LEDs, rose petals or votive candles, and see how glamorous the entire sight appears!

  • Non-toxic, silver-finished metal with a durable non-chip finish.
  • Dimensions: 15" high x 18" wide.
  • Holds up to 41 cupcakes!

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