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6 x Tangled Sparkling Twisters - Lime

Item Number:GLIT_2940_LIMEx6

  • $16.99

Create unique, whimsical and playful centerpieces, flower arrangements, corsages, table accents and a lot more with our fun-provoking Tangled Sparkling Twisters. These glittery twirls are tangled in a pure jazzy manner, inviting you to lift your sleeves up and join the merry tango. Let these enticing glitters of fun and jubilancy brighten your event up, exuding the frisky vibes of joy and glee. Glam your table decorations, wedding centerpiece arrangements, bouquets, wreaths, vases, and swags up with our frolicking glittered twisters and feel the oodles of fun and happiness been oozed into your event.

Additional Information:
Measurements & Description
Top to Bottom: approx. 11" total length
6 stems of wildly twisting and looping glittered aluminum coils w/ same hued larger glitters sprinkled all over
A total of 6 bunches of 6 intertwined twisters making altogether 36 twisters
Note: item sale is limited to glitter product, other suggested decoration accessories not included. some glitter may come off upon touching, this is normal and is not a defect.

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