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72" x 72" Pink Sheer Organza Overlay with Floral Design

Item Number:LAY72_64_015

  • $15.69

  • Material- Floral Organza
  • Dimensions: Approx. 72" wide x 72" long, square
  • How to Care: Dry clean only.
  • Works beautifully with our tablecloths

More Details

Transform your wedding or banquet tables into surreal gardens of paradise by spreading our enchanting pink blossom sheer organza overlays atop. Premium quality sheer organza has gorgeously been accented with petite floral design throughout to ooze oodles of merry feeling and festive glee all around. Flowers are an emblem of beauty, jubilancy, and festivity. Fine organza is beautifully adorned with spring floral design intricately been weaved into the fabric to impart a breathtaking magical charm to your party ambiance. Let these sheer floral organza overlays add that celebratory touch and feel to your special events and merriments. Use this fab piece time and time again with the same fresh feel about it as the design is knitted and not hot stamped, so the finish is smooth, and will not fade nor scratch off. Our eye-catching floral organza overlays are perfect for Victorian-themed weddings, Spring-themed parties, Summer parties, Garden-themed weddings, tea parties, Quinceaneras, showers, birthdays, sweet 16 parties and other jubilant jollifications. These ethereal beauties will add an instant visual element and unsurpassed elegance into your table settings while proudly spread atop your plain or lackluster table covers and linens.

Additional Information:
Material- Floral Organza
Color- Pink
Edges are serged

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