Heavy Duty Backdrops


Heavy Duty Backdrops


Exquisite backdrops contribute the greatest in providing flawlessly framed photos for big celebrations. We are introducing our Heavy Duty Backdrops that are available in the most striking colors and crafted from high-quality fabric to accommodate any big party theme you have planned. These charming backdrop curtains for party will create a whimsical backdrop setup, especially at grand wedding parties or anniversaries. Supremely crafted from premium handpicked quality material, these big event backdrops consist of infinite variety, including metallic spandex backdrops, double drape backdrops, tulle backdrops, dual-layer chiffon polyester backdrops and much more. All are unique in their own way and have the chic vibe to take your party accents to the next level.

Are you looking for backdrop curtains for weddings? Our metallic backdrop curtains for party like spandex backdrop are made from premium quality four-way stretch spandex material that features stain resistant and wrinkle-resistant properties. These high wedding drapery fabric, durable and reusable spandex backdrop linens are perfect for enhancing the charm of your backgrounds for showers, weddings, banquet events, corporate parties and other festive celebrations you wish to add a little zing into.

The impeccable sheen of the metallic tone coupled with the seamless luster of wedding drapery fabric will instantly ooze oodles of glitz and glam into your party venue. These heavy duty spandex backdrop can be used multiple times without any need for ironing and can be laundered countless times without losing their luster and elegance. Create a perfect harmony of shine and sparkle by complementing these backdrop curtains for party with matching spandex tablecloths, chair covers, table runners and caps. Use these backdrop curtains for photography, weddings, showers, banquet events, corporate parties and other special days. This backdrop brings a good variation with other dressy fabrics. With all the bright and glistening effect on the room/hall, these timeless backdrops are a must-have for your next big function. So the next time you plan for a new backdrop do have a look at our Heavy Duty Backdrops collection!

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