Table Scatters


Table Scatters

Add a touch of whimsy to your event decor with lovely table decorations accentuating the table aesthetics to a whole new level of elegance & flamboyance. Using tabletop decorations like vase fillers and table scatters you can transform your uninteresting table decorations into striking ones elevating the overall appeal of the event decor.

Ooze shimmer and glimmer into your sweetheart table decor by scattering table confetti like our silver metallic love confetti and white silk heart confetti all over the table runner generating a dramatic visual appeal. Similarly, for a mermaid-themed kid’s birthday party, sprinkle iridescent round foil confetti dots on the dessert table to exude a cheerful vibe. Moreover, for your garden-themed party, stick 3D butterfly stickers to the backdrop, flowers, and chairs to impart an enchanting allure.

If you want to add a sumptuous appeal to your wedding centerpiece, opt for our clear acrylic crystal garland strands and dangle them from the flower vases elevating the reception table decorations to the next level of opulence. However, to create a simple yet charming table centerpiece for your rustic wedding reception tables, set potpourri and candles on top of wood slices to impart an impeccable elegance to the decor.

At tableclothsfactory, you can find a wide range of table decorations to spruce up your event decor several notches up. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our online store today and check out our collection of vase fillers and table scatters now!




1. What can confetti be used for ?

Ans: A party should be a fun and exciting affair, and what better way to mark the occasion than with bright and colorful confetti decorations? But it's not just about throwing confetti into the air; there is much more than that. You may be surprised to learn that these confetti fillers can be used in various ways that are sure to surprise you.

Not sure what to do with a bunch of table confetti? Read on for some of the best ways to incorporate confetti into various decorations in your home and event space.

  • Planters and Vases - Stick our metallic foil vase filler to the bottom half of white plant pots to add a little sparkle. This will make your flower pot or vase look more vivid and attractive.
  • Lantern Holders - If you're trying to recreate a chic farmhouse look, fill country-style candle holders with a variety of natural vase rocks and top with some premium dripless pillar candles or natural-looking flameless LED candles.
  • Favors and Thank You Gifts - Instead of the typical gift wrappers, make guests feel extra special and appreciated by giving them a delightful favor of small breathable mesh bags filled with beautiful silk flower heads and flower petal confetti.
  • Mason Jars - To leave an earthy charm and a lasting impression in your home and on reception tables, display a bunch of wicker vase filler balls inside old mason jars tucked away in your kitchen drawers and cabinets.
  • Wall Arts - With an acrylic diamond clear vase filler, create a timeless piece of wall art or backdrop decoration that your family and friends are sure to love. Stick them in a frame or let them hang freely in the background.

2. How much confetti do I need for tables ?

Ans: A celebration confetti is one of the most versatile decoration items that can be used in numerous amazing ways. Not only do they look wonderful and free when thrown into the air, but they also look absolutely stunning when scattered on tabletops. Despite this, spreading too many pieces of vase filler decor on the table can seem too overwhelming, while sprinkling just a few can seem too bare. Knowing how many sprinkles you'll need for tables can be helpful when it comes to decorating.

When it comes to wedding table confetti, there are no hard and fast rules to follow, but having a few ideas to work with can be really helpful. 1/2 ounce of confetti or a generous amount of party confetti per table would be enough to create a sparkling and dramatic effect on the table.

But then again, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how you want your tables to look. If a modest and airy look for your table is what you're after, lightly sprinkle your table with confetti table decorations. While for a much fuller look with a fairly consistent amount, consider a medium scatter.

3. How to decorate table with confetti ?

Ans: A party isn’t complete without vibrant and colorful confetti scatters. But what makes them look more appealing is how you plan to display them on your tables. These fancy vase fillers will surely enhance the look of your dining tables, regardless of the style you intend for them.

Spice up your party decorations with our amazing table scatter ideas and decorative touches. Our tabletop confetti in various confetti shapes is versatile enough to go with any design style.

  • A single color of rose petals strewn on a table will look lovely and romantic. However, a kaleidoscopic table can be created by mixing various colors of rose petals and scattering them around a gorgeous floral centerpiece. 
  • Alternatively, you can use our artificial flower heads as a centerpiece and filler for vases. Place a LED pillar candle in a fishbowl and surround it with peony or orchid artificial flower heads in the color scheme of your choice to create a magnificent candle centerpiece.
  • Better yet, why not have a foil confetti heart as a centerpiece for your tables? Our jazzy and colorful foil metallic confetti makes a beautiful confetti heart and is perfect for a summer wedding. 
  • No time to plan an elaborate baby shower tablescape? No worries! Sprinkle a large quantity of our saccharine pink or sky blue confetti over the table, add blush tones, rich florals, and gold accents, and you've got yourself a lovely, dreamlike shower.
  • If you're looking to create a glamorous yet effortless wedding table decoration, a gold and glitter theme is easy to decorate with, and the glittery elements will help attendees fit in with the aesthetic. Get gold-accented plates, napkins, and cups, as well as a handful of sparkling star-shaped gold confetti.
  • Is your dessert table in need of some glitz and glamor? Sprinkle our acrylic table scatter along your cake table, or drop a few pieces of these spectacular acrylic glass gems over the dinner napkins for an extra touch of sparkle on your table setting. To complete the sensational look, pair these decorative vase fillers with rhinestone accessories like our napkin rings.

4. Where to buy confetti ?

Ans: Looking to add some color to your party but not sure what decor item would work best? Toss some confetti on the tables to give your centerpieces a nice splash of color. If you are looking for bulk confetti, TableclothsFactory has a wide assortment of table scatter confetti, which you can use to decorate plain and boring tables.

We have a wide variety of trendy table scatters to offer, from mesmerizing glitter confetti to alluring paper confetti in butterfly shapes. And if you're thinking of decorating your tables with a vase as a centerpiece, choose from our dazzling collection of centerpiece fillers, including acrylic beads for vases, rustic decorative vase balls, and crushed vase stones.

You can use our vase fillers and table scatters in a variety of ways; whether as a guide for your visitors to walk through or to enhance your table decor through centerpieces, these table accents will ensure your dining tables get the attention they deserve.

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