Rose Petals & Candle Ring


Rose Petals & Candle Ring

When it comes to event décor, nothing can highlight the significance of a celebration better than roses. With our rose petal & candle ring collection, you can bathe in these tokens of festivity without spending a fortune. Featuring the comely construction of real roses and their petals, our candle rings and small rose petals flawlessly imitate their natural counterparts, which, unlike fresh-cut blooms, will never wilt and lose their radiance.

Whenever you are looking to decorate your table runners, aisles, staircases, or vases, we can offer you our silk rose petals for table confetti made of silk. Available in a plethora of hues, they can suit any event palette, no matter how rare it is and whether it requires red rose petals, blue silk rose petals, white silk rose petals, blush silk rose petals, ivory silk rose petals, or purple silk petals. To go along with your small flower petals, you can decorate your votive candles with our artificial silk rose floral candle rings – these can easily brighten up your candles without overshadowing the rest of the decorations.

It’s no secret that no celebration is complete without flowers. If you still ask yourself “Where can I buy rose petals and candles rings?” chances are you still haven’t browsed our petal & candle ring collection. To fix things up and end up with a stunning setup, please don’t wait to explore our lovely line now!

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