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12x108" Artificial Grass Table Runner

Item Number:RUN_GRN01_1x9

  • $21.99

To sip coffee or tea peacefully in a lush green grass garden is truly a serene and most tranquil of experiences. But what if, weather is looking a little dull, preventing you from taking your coffee table outdoors in the garden? We have just the luscious piece that bears the same refreshing feel and look that you so deeply adore about soft green grass.

Bring your garden to your dining or coffee table with our stunning Artificial Grass Table Runners. Bring a spring and summery twist to your dining experience by spreading this authentic looking patch of green grass atop. With no hint of smell or dirt, these real grass looking table runners will always stay this fresh and green, unlike natural grass that wilts and dries after a while. Our quirky artificial grass table runners are green, clean, and so very gorgeous. Add a whimsical element to an indoor or outdoor dining table with our Artificial Green Grass Table Runners.

Grass is artificial, plastic material.
Measurement: 12" x 108"


- Halloween Table Runner
- Christmas Table Runner
- Coffee Table Runner
- Dinner Table Runner
- Easter Table Runner
- Holiday Table Runner
- Table Runners for Weddings
- Decorative Table Runners
- Country Table Runners
- Kitchen Table Runners
- Party Table Runners
- Wedding Reception Table Runner

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