How To Make Your Wedding Look Expensive?

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The vibe of a wedding ceremony is directly influenced by the decorations that grace the venue where the couple exchanges their marital vows. Any wedding planner would know for a fact that in order to make a wedding ceremony look grand and expensive, you do not really need to shell out a huge amount of money. To be even more specific, grand and expensive are completely different terms. Having said that, you might ponder about, how can I make my wedding look expensive? Well, the answer is your creativity. The more creative you are, the more your ceremony will exude grandeur. Out of all wedding decorations, the stage decor holds high significance but you can achieve a perfectly grand look with properly planned low budget wedding stage decoration. And for that, visiting Tableclothsfactory will help you big time with its exquisite range of premium décor items that can spruce up your big day. On that note, let’s check out some alluring and grand yet easy stage design ideas that can enliven your event design.

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Use Bright Radiance And Illumination

Colorful and vibrant décor items when lit up with charming bright illumination can tickle every person’s fancy. It is a trick that you can use for your low cost wedding stage decoration without any hesitation as it exudes an expensive demeanor to the event design. Use our Warm White LED Backdrop Uplight as part of your wedding stage decoration by setting it up near the floor. The gorgeous illumination will highlight the stage backdrop with phenomenal flair and finesse. Whereas, the Multi-Color RGB LED Backdrop Uplight can also come in handy as part of your low budget wedding stage decoration which will illuminate your stage accents with brilliant red, blue and green hues.

Incorporate Stunning Hanging Décor

It is quite a possibility that you would have noticed amazing wedding stage decorations in some ceremonies but still, you wouldn’t have felt completely satisfied with them. The reason behind this is not adorning the ceiling with proper décor items. But using some alluring hanging décor for your low budget wedding stage decoration is one trick that will help you elevate your setup. Suspend some Rose Gold Silk Hydrangea kissing Flower Balls from the ceiling in front of the stage along with some vibrant and striking Purple Paper Fan Hanging Pinwheels to impart a classy flair. You can also drape our Long Crystal Beaded Ceiling Drape Curtains right over the wedding stage for added extravagance. This glorious alliance of vibrant hanging décor and stunning reflections from the crystals is something that will mesmerize your guests.

Opt For Charming And Vibrant Décor Items

Using huge and enormous décor products as part of your low budget wedding stage decoration can work out like a magical charm. The bright and vibrant stage backdrop can be made even grander by using White Carnation Giant Tissue Paper Flowers and vibrant Coral Orange Carnation Giant Tissue Paper Flowers. These chic and classy paper flowers can elevate the vibe of your wedding stage decoration to a whole new level. But that’s not all. Using Wine Red Giant Peony Paper Flowers in combination with the white and coral orange tissue flowers can enhance your decorations with flawless flair.


Using charming and vibrant wedding decoration ideas is a trick that will never fail when your prime objective is to make your wedding decorations look expensive and grand. And showing off your creativity with some stunning décor products will add a touch of perfection to your event design. And as always, we will be very happy to know your ideas and thoughts as comments on what else you would do to turn your big day into a grand affair.

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