How Do I Determine What Size Tablecloth I Need?

Well-dressed party tables are the heart of any event, as most of the time is spent around these beauties, so the way they are set up for the prestigious guests speaks a lot about the entire event. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual one, your choice of tablecloth plays a vital role in elevating the aesthetics of your tabletops. Make sure that you choose an elegant tablecloth for your tables and leave an everlasting impression on your guests. Available in a plethora of shapes and sizes, selecting the table covers that perfectly match your party and table size is a tough call. While determining the size of your tablecloth, get to know the dimensions of your tables in both width and length. If you don’t have time for all these calculations and are looking for some easy and quick ways to learn, how do you determine what size tablecloth you need? Find yourself lucky, as we have listed some easy guidelines for you that will surely let you determine the right tablecloth sizes for your tables.


Check Our Tablecloth Chart Size!

While finding the perfect tablecloth sizes for your table covers, the tablecloth size tool serves as a powerful tool. Since the standard tables are 30 inches high and differ in diameter, width, and length, so before going through the size chart, first measure the dimensions of the tabletops. Going through a tablecloth size chart can be a little confusing for some, but for your convenience, we have created a simple Tablecloth Size Chart, that can be understood even by a layman and will make finding the accurate tablecloth sizes a breeze. To find your desired tablecloth sizes, explore our tablecloth section, where you will see an exciting range of table linens in cool shapes, designs, & sizes. Select the fabric for your tablecloth and use a measuring tape or ruler to find the length and width. With our handy Round Tables and Rectangular Tablecloth Size Chart, you will easily figure out the size you need!


Check The Shape Of Your Table!

Mostly round, square, or rectangle-shaped tables are used in events, and with the change in shape, their diameters vary too. To determine the tablecloth sizes of these tables, look into a few simple details that will help you pick the perfect tablecloth size.

For a rectangular table, know the dimensions of the table first, before choosing the tablecloth size. With a length of 72″ and 30″ width, choose a drop of 12 x 12 inches, as the needed dimensions for your rectangle tablecloth will be 45 x 96 inches.

The length and width of a square table intersect, so first, you need to measure one of the sides and settle on the drop, later multiply the drop length by 2. For those who have a 42 x 42-inch square table with a 15″ drop, multiply 15 by 2 and add 42, to get a 72 x 72 inches square tablecloth.

Cocktail tables look extremely stylish and come in standard size with plain and wavy designs. For a wavy cocktail tablecloth with a height of 43’’, we suggest choosing a standard tablecloth that will also fit smaller size cocktail tables with past floor length draping. We offer our round spandex cocktail tablecloth that fits 24″-36″ diameter 2 - 3ft x 42″ tall (3.5ft) cocktail table.

With round tables, simply measure the center of your table from one end to another to get to know the diameter. For a 60″ round table, choose our 120″ round tablecloth with 5ft floor-length and make it settle perfectly on your round table.

Settle On The Drop!

When you are done with the measurement of your tables, settle on the amount of fabric that you wish to be hung down from the edge of the table. Your table's look is decided by the drop it makes, it can be long or short, depending on the style of your event. For example, if it is a magnificent wedding or an exclusive banquet, a tablecloth that gracefully feels the ground is the right pick, and we suggest leaving a 30-inch drop. If you have a catering or food event where guests need comfy sitting, an 8-inch drop is a right choice. For formal events where a lean and glamorous look is required, an extended drop like 10-12 inches will make you achieve a moral formal appearance.


Determining what size tablecloth you need is not as tricky as it sounds, right! We hope that with this blog post you will not have any trouble deciding on the right tablecloth sizes. We believe in providing the best quality products to our customers and are a reputable manufacturer of the high-quality tablecloths. So, don’t forget to visit our online store to find an extensive range of tablecloths with tablecloth size chart for a better understanding. Don’t forget to share how you find these guidelines. Looking forward to your comments in the section below!


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