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Eiffel Towers

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Eiffel Towers

With Paris being known for its iconic fashion houses and fashion week, it isn’t surprising that the Eiffel Tower, the city’s main attraction, is a token of elegance and high taste. If you are looking to add some French sophistication to your tabletop, we’ve got you covered with something less straightforward than a miniature symbol of Paris: the Eiffel Tower vases from Tableclothsfactory.

Made from heavy-duty glass, these vases feature a slender shape to mimic a silhouette of French crowd pleaser. Available in black, white, and clear, our Eiffel Towers can flawlessly blend in with any surroundings. In terms of sizes, you won’t be disappointed either – in our collection, you’ll find our 24'' Eiffel tower glass flower vase, 20'' Eiffel tower glass flower vase, and 28'' Eiffel tower glass flower vase. It’s highly recommended to mismatch different sizes to end up with a dimensional tablescape. Whichever color and size will suit your needs, make no mistake – there are plenty of ways of how you can decorate with our Eiffel Tower vases. Whether you fill them with our fluffy ostrich feathers, single-stem blooms, LED lights, or display them as they are, it’s up to you to decide.

At tableclothfactory, we understand that a small detail is sometimes enough to end up with a high-end table setting. Our Eiffel Tower vases are one of such details. If you are interested in bringing a French charm to your tabletop, please don’t hesitate to shop from our Eiffel Tower collection.

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