Tall Glass Vase


Reversible Trumpet Vase Centerpieces & Hourglass Vase


Reversible Trumpet Vase Centerpieces & Hourglass Vase

Don’t know how to astonish your guests? You can add a dash of fab to your event with a glam piece from our Reversible Trumpet Vase Centerpieces & Hourglass Vase collection. With the huge selection of sizes and shapes, our hourglass & trumpet glass vases are true emblems of style and elegance. 

Have you got a disco mirror ball hanging from your ceiling? You can carry on with your disco theme with our pedestal floor vase - available in gold, rose gold, and silver, it comes in a variety of shapes. Depending on your artistic intentions, feel free to use the same variety, or assemble a mismatched display.

Regardless of color and shape, our polystone trumpet and hourglass vases look equally perfect on their own and in combination with flowers, beads, and other accessories from our online store.

Are you head over heels for glass vases? Well, you won’t be able to resist the charm and versatility of our 20'' pillar trumpet glass vase, 20'' trumpet glass vase, 24'' heavy-duty hour glass vase, and other glass trumpet and hourglass-shaped vases from TableclothsFactory - featuring unusual shapes - they are perfect to be filled with petals, pearls, LED ice cubes, acrylic beads, or to be used as containers for your floating candles.

Trumpet Glass Vases
Hourglass Vases

Whichever glass vase is to your liking, feel free to combine it with our 24'' heavy-duty hourglass vase with a kissing ball atop and our set of 3 hurricane long stem glass candle holders displaying your candles.   

We understand that with so many fancy party decorations out there, it’s not easy to surprise your guests with a common vase flower centerpieceDon’t despair, our Reversible Trumpet Vase Centerpieces & Hourglass Vase from TableclothsFactory will help you heighten the sophistication of your table to the next level with zero effort from your side. Please visit us to see everything for yourself!



Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make trumpet vase centerpieces ?

Ans: Not only can you design an incredible arrangement with our tall trumpet vases, but you can also create that sense of elevation with shorter trumpet vases. Make gorgeous arrangements with shorter trumpet vases by "raising" them up on acrylic pedestal risers or by using taller flowers or ostrich feathers. Floralytes and water beads can also be used to make especially charming trumpet vase displays.

2. How to make a floral arrangement in a trumpet vase ?

Ans: Create visually appealing flower arrangements in a trumpet vase for weddings, baby showers, or any other special event with these simple steps.

  • Start by pre-soaking two floral foams in water. Once the foam is completely drenched, set them on a clear Lomey dish and secure with waterproof tape.
  • Once your mechanics are in place, it’s time to begin embedding your blooms.
  • Start adding the largest focal blossoms. Then start filling in the gaps with the smaller flowers and focal fills.
  • Consider the shape you want to create with each flower you put in your arrangement.
  • Keep rotating the design to make sure your arrangement looks sleek and stable.
  • After you've used whatever fills and focal flowers you want, go back and cover any other mechanics with greens or fills.

3. Where to buy cheap trumpet vases ?

Ans: Dazzle your guests with TableclothsFactory's extravagant trumpet vases at your next event. Our high-quality wholesale trumpet vases are crafted from durable hand-blown tapered glass with polished edges and are excellent for adding an eye-catching and dramatic effect to any occasion.

With a wide base for balance, our tall trumpet vase makes an elegant and modest accent piece. Create the perfect accent for wedding receptions, dinner parties, galas, corporate functions, or any situation where you wish to have a lavish, soothing atmosphere. 

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