3 Easy Ways to Customize Paper Lanterns for your Events!

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Fabric Pattern Lanterns

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

This easy tutorial from greenweddingshoes.com features an easy way to add beautiful designs onto your paper lanterns without the work of having to paint it yourself. They are ingenious with their use of printed cotton fabric to embellish the lanterns.

Check out their tutorial here on their site


Glitter Disco Ball Lantern












Source: ohhappyday.com

If you’re looking for some bling for your event, this glitter lantern is the way to go! Depending on what kind of glitter you use, it can be a perfect addition to any types of events. Try using fine glitter with small lanterns for a brighter glow with your lights!

Check out their tutorial here on their site


Giant Coffee Filter Pendant Light

Source: weaferdesign

Our lanterns aren’t just for your events and parties, but also great for home decor. This tutorial features a giant coffee filter pendant light that’s a great accent to any home. We have giant paper lanterns available as well!

Check out their tutorial here on their site

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