A Simple Summer Table Setup in Scandinavian Style

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Planning a brunch or dinner party this summer and looking for a modern table setting? From minimal décor to a soothing and ultra-bright tablescape, there’s an inspiration to be found in Scandinavian design that you should give a try to. Belonging to the school of modernism, Scandinavian décor is a design characterized by a focus on functionality and simplicity. If you want to create a Nordic table setup for your next summer bash and are unsure how to get started, tuck all your worries away and follow our example to recreate your own simple yet unique Scandinavian tablescape.


As mentioned above, a Scandinavian table décor is all about simplicity and functionality and there’s a particular color palette that’s associated with it including hues of grays, whites, beiges/champagnes, browns, and blacks.  Thus, we have taken these facts into consideration and set the stage for our Nordic tablescape by giving our table a luxurious drape with our champagne velvet tablecloth. Since champagne strikes a stunning contrast with white, we decided to swathe our intricately designed white lace along the lengths of our table to beautifully take the place of runners. As you can see, the gorgeous lace has elevated the look of our table settings by several notches and added a classy touch to it as well. If you want to set up your tablescape with other Nordic style color combinations, you’ll have lots to choose from as we have an extensive range of gorgeous velvet tablecloth shades available on our online store. However, we recommend you to choose from neutral hues as they can be paired easily with other elements of your table décor.

Nordic style tablescape

Place Settings

Another important characteristic of a Scandinavian table décor is making sure that the tablescape is clutter-free. In other words, minimalism is the key factor that we’ve paid attention to when putting our place setting into play. We have placed our galvanized chargers as a foundation for an elegant and sophisticated place setting with our silver rim disposable white plates placed atop. The metallic luster and chic ruffled ridges of our charger plates have instantly paired beautifully with our silver rim white plates and elegant silver cutlery while adding a modern touch to our tablescape. Moreover, our slim stem delicate-looking champagne flutes embraced our table charmingly for a clutter-free look. In order, to bring a subtle finesse, we have placed our sturdy white polyester linen napkins under the plates for a truly spectacular Nordic-style place setting.

Nordic style tablescape

Centerpiece Decorations

Scandinavian table décor doesn’t involve a whole lot of color, though if you’re looking to brighten up your tablescape without sacrificing the Scandinavian style, a modern and stylish yet simple vase containing plants can do just the trick. Thus, we have kept our focus on the addition of clean lines and geometrical pattern and placed our stunning conjoined geometrical metal flower vase racks as a show stopper centerpiece on our tablescape. This unique and artistic gold wire-framed vase with clear glass tubes has brought a sophisticated touch to our table while beautifully lifting our Nordic tablescape up by several notches. In order to add a floral flair into our table setup, we have accented our gorgeous centerpiece with our faux calla lily blooms and silk hydrangeas that are really hard to tell apart from their natural counterparts and have brought a refreshing look to our Nordic-style table settings.

Nordic style tablescape

With our phenomenal centerpiece in place, we decided to add an earthy, arboreal element to our already natural-looking tablescape by placing a single greenery chain across the middle-length of our table to include a pop of color without being too overwhelming to the eyes. Moreover, our frosted votive candle holders containing votive candles exude soft candlelight that has brought an elegant flair to our chic and modern table setup.

Nordic style tablescape

When it comes to Scandinavian table décor, the “less is more” mantra is the key to keep your tablescape look less cluttered and more visually relaxing. And that is exactly what we have followed in setting up our Nordic style setup. What is your opinion of our tablescape? Would you recreate your own Scandinavian table décor by following our example or would choose other ideas to do so? Whatever you decide, don’t forget to visit our online store for a range of Nordic style products to choose from and share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments below!

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