Give A Tropical Twist To Your Summer Soiree With These Hawaiian Pool Party Decorations

Summer has arrived, the time when we plan plenty of pool parties and call out our friends to meet by the pool and beat the heat by diving into the pool. These splashy summer pool parties call for some out-of-the box pool party decorations that fill the space with fun and excitement. Organizing pool parties can be so much fun, as there are plenty of themes that can be incorporated to make this summer soiree an unforgettable one. It’s no secret that the Hawaiian theme is one of the popular themes for hosting any summer party and if you add it in your summer pool bash then the excitement will be on another level. To create a tropical paradise you need some exotic Aloha-themed party decorations and to help you bring a Hawaiian flair to your tropical summer pool party we have come up with some simple yet highly chic pool party decoration ideas. So grab your tubes, put on Mexican style summer costumes and jump in the pool to enjoy the most chilling summer pool party of the season.

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Funky Luau Pool Party Props

When it comes to pool parties the fun is unlimited, from pool toys, to cool and funky swim wears, and not to forget the refreshing food and drinks that energize everyone, pool parties are surely the perfect way to celebrate summer. To make your Aloha pool party more interesting for your invitees set up a dress code for the party and indulge them in some cool and peppy craft activities. Let everyone showcase their artistic side by providing them with craft sheets, and scissors and cut cute tropical-inspired shapes like palm leaves, watermelon, mason jar, and wine glass, or make ‘aloha’ signage and funky specs to add more fun and excitement to your pool party decorations. To highlight these adorable party props use chalk markers and scribble your favorite party lines along with a wheat straw that will festively hold your chic party decorations. Craft Mexican-colored paper flower garlands, put them on or fix them on your hats, play everyone’s favorite tropical party music and let your friends enjoy every bit of your Hawaiian pool party.

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Hawaiian Pool Party Decor

To create an authentic tropical feel in your Aloha pool party infuse all the bright and vibrant hues in your party decorations and give your friends a cheerful welcome with proper Hawaiian decorations. Since a Hawaiian theme is all about colors, so create a lively and tropical atmosphere by creatively setting up a colorful balloon décor and impress everyone with this eye-catching party decoration at your pool party. Balloons are one such party accessory that might look simple but can create wondrous party decorations. Arrange plenty of red, orange, blue, & white balloons neatly on a craft wire and fix them at the pool’s top. Oozing that perfect tropical flair these balloon-covered pool top party decorations will bring cheerfulness into your pool party decoration ideas. Festively dress up the party tables in red tablecloths and add string fairy lights to glow up your pool party ambiance.

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Hawaiian Pool Party Food

Present your scrumptious pool party food to your guests in an interesting way and turn your pool party into a tasty splash. Since it’s an aloha summer pool party so make sure that you prepare food that serves well for a day in the sun, like pineapple vinaigrette, creamy poolside pasta salad, Hawaiian chicken kabobs, Mexican shrimp bites, savory kebabs, teriyaki bacon wrapped shrimp, light shrimp bites, poolside pasta, and tender fish tacos and present them atop rectangle serving trays and keep entrees and side dishes neatly separated by serving them in appetizer trays to give your pool party decorations a top notch feel. To make your friends shout ‘perfecto’ serve these loved aloha pool party foods with the yummiest sauces in white bowls and infuse a tropical flair into your pool party food table by arranging colorful party napkins, disposable plates, forks, knives, spoons and give your food presentation an upscale feel.

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Impress your guests at your summer pool party by presenting your party food in an alfresco style and let everyone enjoy their favorite food. The biggest challenge that is faced in a summer pool party is of keeping the food fresh and chilled for hours, but not anymore, with our exclusive inflatable serving tray you can perfectly organize, chill, and display your beverages, appetizers, desserts, salads, cocktails, and other food items that you wish to keep cold for long. To give your pool party food presentation an upscale feel cover the party table in a red/white checkered tablecloth and place this cool serving tray atop to delightfully please your guests during your aloha pool party. 

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Energizing Pool Party Drinks

Summer is the time when we need to hydrate ourselves now and then and if you are throwing a summer pool party then make sure to have plenty of fresh and frozen drinks to refresh everyone time and time again. For your Hawaiian pool party prepare colorful fresh fruity drinks and choose stylish drinking vessels & party straws to serve. Giving your pool party decorations a cheerful feel this style of presenting your party drinks will delightfully quench the thirst of your partyers.

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Let your adult friends enjoy their favorite jungle juices, jello shots, watermelon tequila cocktail, strawberry basil balsamic daiquiri, pineapple coconut margarita, and for the kiddie party, prepare strawberry watermelon lemonade, tequila, mango Juice & lime juice. Make these refreshing drinks more mouthwatering by picking up stylish wine glasses, flutes, glasses, shots, or choose our trendy carafes & jello shot syringes that will inject some delight and frisky spirit into your guests and will ooze a pop of aloha essence in your pool party decorations.

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Floating Pool Serving Containers

Make a style statement in your aloha pool party by adding some funky party decorations and take the aesthetics of your pool party to another level of excitement. Party beverages are one of the highlights of a pool party, so, this summer while planning out cool pool party decorations don’t forget to pick our stylish inflatable beer mug and present your party drinks in these cool containers. Keeping your drinks chilled, these light-weighted and portable ice coolers are highly functional in operation and super funky in impact. Adding a peppy flair in your pool parties these beer coolers will keep your drinks flowing and chilled at the same time and will meet all your cooling and storage needs. Serve beers, sodas, teas, waters, and other bottled or canned drinks in these cute floating mugs and let your guests enjoy their favorite drinks while staying inside the pool.

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Stylish Floating Buffet Serving Bar

Let your guests have the most amazing experience at your pool party by decorating the venue with some exotic pool party decorations. Another peppy and trendy pool party decoration is having a floating buffet serving bar that will serve fresh and chilled food and drinks to your guests. Adding a dash of modern flair in your aloha pool party, these inflatable serving bar will hold multiple dishes, bowls, cans, and bottles and will serve as cool and fun party decorations. Revitalizing your guests without getting them out from the pool, these stylish floating buffet trays can be filled with ice to serve everyone some chilled drinks and food. So this summer, don’t forget to add these chic and trendy floating coolers in your pool party decorations.

Cool yourself up this summer by throwing a super exciting Hawaiian pool party and bring a tropical flair by setting up cheerful party decorations. Our online store offers stunning range of tropical inspired decorations that will surely help you throw a fantastic Aloha pool party. Did you like our pool party decoration ideas? Are you going to incorporate them in your upcoming summer pool party? We would love to see how you planned your summer pool party with aloha theme, so don’t forget to share your plans with us. Looking forward to see your comments in the box below!

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