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It doesn’t matter how you accessorize your tablescape, it will look dull if you dress it up with an unsightly tablecloth. In case your linens are already on, but the result hasn’t lived up to your expectations, there’s no need to spend the rest of your budget on new linens – a stylish table runner is what can save you from excess expenditure without compromising on the visual appeal of your tables. Gone are the days when table runners were used to protect tablecloths, nowadays, they have become a powerful means of décor – and our collection of cheap table runners will prove you that!

Benefits of Our Inexpensive Table Runners

For those who haven’t heard, is considered to be one of the most reputable cheap table runner manufacturers, and there are several reasons for it:

  • Once you visit our online store and hit the Table Runners button, you’ll see that our cheap table runners are available in an extensive variety of colors, fabrics, designs, and sizes. That said, whether you are looking for a natural-hued rustic table runner, a minimalist white polyester runner, or a splashy gold sequin table runner, you won’t be disappointed – our cheap table runner collection always has plenty of options for you to choose from.
  • Sewn from high-grade materials, all of our cheap table runners offer excellent quality, which means that you can use our cheap table runners over and over again, and they will never rip or lose their color – just follow the how-to-care instructions listed in the last paragraph.
  • The exceptional quality of our cheap table runners couples with their peerless appearance.
  • Since we manufacture all our cheap table runners on our own, they come at the most lucrative prices since there are no middlemen between us and our customers.
  • Since trends are changing, we go above and beyond to keep up with them – our extensive collection of cheap table runners is expanding, like the Universe.
Pink Grandiose Satin Rosette Runner

Our Range

As it was already mentioned, our cheap table runners come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs. Thus, if you are looking to infuse your setup with rustic vibes, we are at your service with our gingham and burlap cheap table runners. Are you ready for the experiments, but don’t want to compromise on the end result? In our opinion, you’ll never go wrong with our cheap table runners made from satin. Those who want to accentuate their tables in a subtle manner shouldn’t look any further than our lace and organza cheap table runners. Do you need a sparkly touch? Our collection of cheap table runners is at your service with our sequin table runners. Do you always strive to give way to your creativity? Our collection of designer cheap table runners and inexpensive table runners with rosettes will take your projects to the next level of sophistication. Alternatively, you can make everyone’s jaws drop with the dramatic drape of our cheap table runners made from chiffon. Meanwhile, our cheap polyester table runners are versatile and durable enough to be used for multiple occasions.

Denim Table Runner

How to Style Our Budget-Friendly Runners

Though our cheap table runners are fabulous as they are, you can considerably elevate their attractiveness with a couple of accessories. For instance, if you have our inexpensive table runner made from chiffon, it’s highly advisable to trim it with one of the chair sash buckles from our online store. Have a burlap cheap table runner? You can highlight its rustic appeal by styling it with our lace or gingham ribbon. At the same time, your guests will be instantly bedazzled by the natural charm of your tablescape if you run a greenery garland down the center of our cheap table runner, which is sewn from organza. On top of that, you’ll make the most out of our inexpensive sequin runner if you accessorize it with a bouquet of blossoms to match the event color palette.

Light blue chiffon table runner

How to Place Our Runners

Are you racking your brains over how to position our cheap table runners atop your tables? You may rest assured because it’s a breeze – just abide by these easy-to-follow instructions! If you have a rectangular table, before purchasing a cheap table runner from our online store, please bear in mind the following:

  • You can place our cheap table runner either lengthwise down the center of the table or widthwise across the table;
  • If you want to place our cheap table runner lengthwise, remember that it should take one-third the width of your table, so first up, measure the width and the length of your table;
  • For the widthwise placement, make sure that one table runner will take one-fourth the width your table;
  • Whichever placement you go for, ensure a >6-inch drop, which must coincide with the tablecloth drop.

When it comes to the round tables, there are no exact rules about how much space a table runner must take. However, the minimal six-inch drop always applies. As for the placement, our cheap table runners can be positioned either lengthwise or crosswise.

Three white/green striped table runners placed lengthwise and widthwise

How to Take Care of Our Table Runners

Whether you go for our cheap table runners made from burlap, satin, or organza, they will please your eyes at multiple events if you learn these how-to-care instructions. With that being said, those who are dealing with our inexpensive table runners sewn from taffeta, satin, lace, and organza should hand-wash them in cold water and after that, hang them dry. In order to clean our cheap table runners, which are covered with sequin rounds or payettes, please bear in mind that spot-cleaning is the only option here while exposure to extreme heat must be avoided. Meanwhile, sunlight reduces the burlap odor while a damp sponge moistened in room temperature water with mild soap will help you remove stains from our cheap table runner made from jute. In case you don’t want to bother with maintenance, our cheap table runners made from polyester is a safe investment – sewn from one of the most unfussy fabrics, these runners are machine-washable.

Charcoal grey satin table runner

As you can see, our cheap table runners combine exceptional quality, visual appeal, and versatility. With the wide range of fabrics, colors, and designs, our cheap table runners can easily withstand extensive use if you stick to our easy-to-follow instructions. In case you are looking to learn more about our cheap table runners, please don’t hesitate to stop by our online store to check them out for yourself!

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