Chic Winter Wreath Ideas to Spruce up Your Winter Décor

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The holiday season has come to an end and it’s time to box up your Christmas and New Year decorations. Can’t let go of the festive spirit? Overcome your post-holiday decorating blues and adorn your home with a beautiful winter wreath. Things can start to look a little bare and dull once you take down all the sparkling décor. Bring your porch back to life by replacing your Christmas wreath with stunning winter door wreaths that will keep the festive charm going until spring. Get inspired by our breathtaking DIY winter wreath ideas that can easily be recreated to give a wonderful wintry look to your front door.


Winter Wonderland Wreath

Winter wreaths are the perfect welcoming door decoration that can be modified to fit any season or occasion. Give your wreaths a wintry vibe and opt for a winter wonderland wreath for the rest of the winter months emanating a whimsical and magical appeal. Take inspiration from the fluffy texture of the snow and the muted winter color palette to create a mesmerizing white winter wreath. Cover a foam wreath with several white feathers and also place a few snow-dusted pine cones to exude an enthralling allure.

Winter Wreath

Frosted Winter Wreath

Infuse the seasonal flair into your winter décor and choose decorative accents that emulate the frosty snow wonders. Showcase a twig wreath muffled up in our frosted willow green leaf garland on your front door oozing a glistening icy appeal. Add a few green twigs from your Christmas tree and also arrange some artificial white leaves on your winter wreath to highlight your door decoration.

Winter Wreath

Winter Flower Wreath

Play it smart and opt for double-duty winter holiday wreaths that will add a festive joy in the holiday season and can also stay up after the holidays. Create a posh winter wreath using a foam ring and cover it completely with a greenery garland. Creatively arrange some glittery leaves, ivory-colored tiger lily blooms and a shimmery white ribbon bow on your wreath to give a sparkling charm to your opulent winter wreath decorations.

Winter Wreath

String Light Wreath

If you are looking for an easy DIY winter wreath that does not require much effort but will make a striking impression on your guests, our string light decorative winter wreath is just what you are searching for. Exuding pure elegance with a subtle glow and wintery charm, this wreath also works great as winter wreath centerpieces. Feature our natural twig wreath and augment its beauty by embellishing it with string lights. Finish off by placing a few natural cotton balls on top giving a wintery feel to your door decoration. If you plan to use this sensational rustic winter wreath on your coffee table, then place some exquisite candles in the middle to further spruce up your décor.

Winter Wreath

Modern Floral Winter Wreath

If you want to tone it down a bit after all the glamorous and extravagant Christmas decorations, opt for modish yet simple winter wreaths to adorn your front door and walls. Choose subtle hues and chic decorative accents to assemble an intricate and delicate winter wreath. Bedeck our gold floral hoop with an ivy leaf garland and arrange a floral mix of white and purple chrysanthemum flowers, pink roses, and lavender stems to create a mesmerizing modern winter wreath.

Winter Wreath

Whether you are looking to decorate your porch or you want to enhance your home interior, we hope that these stunning non-Christmas winter wreath ideas will inspire you to create your own winter wreath for the post-holiday décor. We would love to know your thoughts about our DIY winter wreaths in the comments below!

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