Cute Color Combos from Table Runners to Table Centerpieces

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Matching and making the right choices for your tables, from the centerpiece to the table runners can be difficult. While you can easily choose the standard of matching patterns, a fresh color combination with complimentary shades is always more fun. With some great choices like the flocking taffeta table runners, you really want to make the table work as a whole. For this week’s color combination, we’re starting with a royal blue flocking taffeta table runner base and working our way through some complimentary color choices for the rest of your table decorations.

Chair colors: The royal blue chairs are a bold pick, but a real royal look will be to pick the gold or champagne satin chair covers. The yellow hue in them will compliment the blue in the table runner.

Charger plate: Golden again, is our top pick for a flashy look. The solid color helps to not detract from the patterns on the runner. Choose the silver charge plate if subtlety is more your style.

Pintuck placemats and napkins: Pick matching placemats and napkins. To match your gold plates, pick white. For the silver charge plates, choose the royal blue.

For the flocking taffeta table runner, you can choose a pintuck table runner, but remember it will block out the lovely pattern that you’ve chosen. When you use royal blue, do you use bold complimentary colors or analogic and matching hues?

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