DIY Bloom Bar: A Heartfelt Mother's Day Surprise

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Mother's Day is a special time to shower the incredible moms out there with a little extra love and appreciation. Why not make it extra memorable this year with a handmade gift from the heart? Skip the usual store-bought flowers and come join us for a delightful DIY Bloom Bar session. It's a wonderfully easy and fun way to put together a floral gift that’s as special as she is. You’ll have a great time making it, and you’ll craft a present that’s full of thoughtfulness and stunning beauty. Let’s jump into this vibrant floral world together!

Materials Needed

Triple Base Curved Backdrop Stand
Beige Scuba Polyester Backdrop Curtain
Gold Rhinestone Alphabet Letter Stickers
Dusty Blue Artificial Rose Flower
Purple Artificial Rose Flower Bouquet
Dusty Rose Artificial Rose Bud
Coral Artificial Foam Tulip Flower
Lavender Lilac Artificial Daisy Flower
White Artificial Daisy Flower
Frosted Green Artificial Plant Stem
Green Pothos Artificial Hanging Plant
White Artificial Peony/Foliage Hanging Flower
Ivory Artificial Rose Bouquet
Clear Cylinder Glass Flower Vase
Tapered Cylinder Glass Vase
Love Neon Light Sign
Gold Plated Ceramic Letter Flower Vase
Rustic White Wooden Crates
Artificial Grass Carpet Rug

What You Need to Do:

Assemble the Backdrop

A woman adjusting a cream curtain backdrop for Mother's Day decor.

Start by setting up your triple base curved backdrop stand in a roomy area—you’ll want some elbow room for this! Make sure it’s nice and sturdy before you go ahead and drape that lovely beige scuba polyester curtain over it. This soft, neutral color really brings out the best in your flowers and accessories, setting the stage for a truly eye-catching display. And don’t forget to hang that lush green pothos artificial plant from the top or maybe a tall crate. Let it cascade down to add that perfect touch of greenery and enhance the whole floral vibe

Lay the Foundation 

A woman arranges vines on a white cart for Mother's Day decor in a staged area.

Next, roll out your artificial grass carpet right in front of the backdrop. It’s not just easy on the eyes with its lush green, but trust me, it’s a dream when it comes to cleaning up later.

Decorate the Stand

Stylish Mother's Day decor with a bloom bar and beautiful floral displays.

Find a nice spot for it right in the center of the artificial grass rug, making sure it's facing the backdrop. Now, take those shiny gold rhinestone alphabet stickers and spell out “Bloom Bar” or any other cute message you like on the front panel. It's a nice little personal touch! Next up, drape some white artificial peony and foliage hanging flowers over the top of the wooden stand—this gives it a lovely, lush look. 

Then, mix in the dusty blue and purple artificial roses along with some dusty rose buds to really deepen the variety. Got some smaller vases? Fill them up with coral artificial tulips and lavender lilac daisies to tuck around the bigger arrangements. And don’t forget to pop in a few white daisies here and there to brighten things up and fill any empty spots.

Enhance with Floor Decor

Elegant Mother's Day decor with 'LOVE' neon sign and floral arrangements.

And don’t forget the finishing touches! Pop some frosted green artificial plant stems into a glass vase and place it right next to the bar for that extra bit of flair. Then, stack those rustic white wooden crates up front, and why not hang a love neon light sign for that cozy, glowing vibe? Top it off by placing a gold plated ceramic letter vase with an ivory rose bouquet on one of those crates to really make it stand out. There you go, your bloom bar is all set to dazzle!

Setting up your Mother's Day Bloom Bar means creating not just a beautiful arrangement, but also a heartfelt experience that celebrates your unique relationship. This project is more than just about flowers—it's a chance to spend precious time together and make memories that last. If you loved putting together this bloom bar and want to dive into more DIY decorating projects, don’t forget to check out our other blogs for more tips on everything from cozy home crafts to elaborate festive decor. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day filled with joy and beautiful blooms!

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